Have you ever entered a raffle, only to wonder if the prize was actually awarded? At ArtisanHD, we try to show you each raffle winner’s final print! Our most recent giveaway was for a 20″ x 30″ custom TruLife Acrylic print with all the bells and whistles, and our winner was photographer Lauri. Learn about her inspiration and see the print below!

Lauri’s Custom TruLife Acrylic Print

After receiving her image, we got to work printing Lauri’s image on Kodak Metallic photo paper.

After printing, the image was mounted it under TruLife Non-Glare Acrylic. This is a delicate process, but our Artisans are very experienced. We also added Acrylic Print Encapsulation to this print for added protection and that gallery-quality look. Finally, we attached our signature aluminum Museum Back to the print. This offers easy, professional-looking installation.

Lauri installed the print in her husband’s office, and it looks great!

Meet Our Winner!

Could we have a little background information about you? 

I am from Elgin, IL which is about an hour’s drive (when traffic is good) west of downtown Chicago. I work part-time in the dental education industry and part-time on my fine art photography, which includes leading a couple of photography communities and mentoring others.

How did you get started in photography? 

I received my first camera when I was 10 and I’ve been shooting ever since. My mother also almost always had a camera. We have albums, more albums, and boxes of prints in our house going back to the 1940’s. It’s just part of who I am.

What was the inspiration behind the image you chose to print?

I love that this bench states what is inherent in the tree. I had intended on hanging it in my office as a reminder of my own strengths, but my husband thought it would be a good fit for his medical massage therapy office, which it is.

As a photographer, do you think it’s important to print your work?

Absolutely. It’s become far too easy in this day and age of instant gratification and technology for our experiences and memories to be scrolled by and forgotten. Printing ensures that our lives live on, that memories are not forgotten and legacies can be passed on to future generations.

What do you think about your TruLife photo mount? 

The TruLife Acrylic photo mount is gorgeous. I love how the Kodak Metallic paper shimmers beneath the acrylic and pulls out all the details in the image. I am very impressed with the quality of both the print and the aluminum museum back.

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