Australian Photographer Peter Lik reveals the world in his photography in new and fascinating ways. His vibrant, panoramic photos typically focus on nature and landscapes. Taking advantage of the striking effects of acrylic photo printing, his work creates an enviable style that leads many to want to know how to print like Peter Lik.

Photographer as Artist

Those who want to capture some of Peter Lik’s style must understand where it began: in Melbourne, Australia with a Kodak Brownie camera. This camera – which was first used to capture a spider web – started Lik down the path of landscape photography.

In the 1980s he visited the United States and began to work with panoramic shots. His early work in this period included Spirit of America, covering all fifty states and requiring 1,000 film rolls. As attention to his work grew, it landed him both high price tags and coveted display locations, including the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. in 2011 and 2012 for Ghost and Inner Peace.

Photograph of Antelope Canyon by Peter Lik

Peter Lik’s Phantom

One of his most notable captures is in our beautiful home state of Arizona. Phantom is a stunning black-and-white photo that depicts an underground cavern inside Arizona’s Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon formed as rainwater eroded the stone into narrow passageways. Phantom sold in 2014 for a record $6.5 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold at that time.

How to Print Like Peter Lik

What makes it possible for people to enjoy Lik’s work, and to see the image as he first did squinting behind the camera lens, is his reliance on excellent printing materials. By using quality products that withstand the test of time, UV exposure, and more, Lik’s work can be safely distributed worldwide without losing a hint of color or definition.

Peter Lik’s prints are enhanced by the high-quality materials used in professional acrylic photo printing.

While it can take months or even years to capture the perfect award-winning image, once you’ve captured your stunning photograph, you’ll want to use the very best printing process available. If you want to know how to print like Peter Lik, start at the foundation of your materials.

Which Printing Processes Produce Masterpieces?

How to Print Like Peter Lik with Fujiflex Crystal Archive HD Paper

Fujiflex Crystal Archive HD Paper Face Mounted on Acrylic

FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD photo prints will reproduce the full essence of the moment that you captured that breathtaking image with a true art gallery-look to do your masterpiece justice. FujiFlex HD Paper is well-known for its ability to hold amazing detail, giving you incredible low-light shadows as well as highlights that other papers (even high definition printing papers) would simply not be able to capture.

Why does FujiFlex offer such excellent printing capabilities? It’s all in what it’s made of. To get technical, FujiFlex is a silver-halide digital photographic paper with a polyester-based coating. In layman’s terms, this makes it super glossy and slick.

Not just any photo printer can run FujiFlex paper. Since it is true continuous tone photographic paper, it has to be run through photochemistry to reveal the image. Photochemistry is the process in which the image is burned into the emulsion layer of the paper itself. Not one drop of ink is laid over the substrate to produce the image.

Unlike the good old days, instead of the image being burned into the photo media with light being blasted through glass lenses, printers expose the paper with red, green, and blue lasers using an Océ LightJet 5000. The Océ LightJet uses technology originally designed by NASA and is widely recognized to have the best detail and image quality in the industry.

If you store and display your print properly, it should have a lifespan of 100 + years!

What really makes this FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD photo paper spectacular is pairing it with acrylic photo mounting. The acrylic mount is applied directly on top of the print, known as second surface or face mounting. When you look through the acrylic to see the print, you still see the bright, defined print protected behind it.

acrylic mount fujiflex hd photographic print

Acrylic Mount FujiFlex HD Photographic Print

How to Light Your Peter Lik-Inspired Prints

The need for high-quality treatment does not just end with the printing materials. Peter Lik’s photography is revealed under the balanced lighting of galleries and private displays around the world. You can do the same for your own acrylic photos.

Invest in lighting for your art gallery display. In our professional opinion, the light gamut/spectrum should be as close to natural light as possible, to really bring out all of the vivid color produced with FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD Photo Paper.

Custom Hotel Gallery Art Horse Prints by Linda Ingraham at FOUND:RE

Custom Hotel Gallery at FOUND:RE

This is why we recommend using SoLux 4700K Bulbs, which are universally recognized as the ultimate in D50 daylight simulation and can be incorporated into any standard track or art-light fixture that accepts a low voltage (12 volt) MR-16 bulb (2 pin socket).

Think about the tone of the ambient lighting in your room, as well. This can affect the display of the print. Choose a soft glow to create drama and heighten the intensity of your image. This gentle ambient lighting can pull the viewer closer to ponder and enjoy the magnificent color and detail captured in your face-mounted acrylic photo prints.

How ArtisanHD Can Bring Your Work to Life, Too

Let the beauty of your work shine through in the hyper-realistic printing of your photographs on FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD paper and acrylic mounting, just like Peter Lik.

However, there is quite a bit more to making a million-dollar masterpiece than just using the same professional grade HD photo paper. You also need a printer that knows how to bring out the best in your work and your high-quality materials.

ArtisanHD Print Shop Tour

Tour at ArtisanHD Reviews Different HD Papers

ArtisanHD is well-known for our ability to produce museum-quality FujiFlex photography prints, which is due to:

  • A nearly 20-year history in color management for some of the biggest name brands
  • Artisan’s fully-equipped print shop with professional grade image creation devices
  • Experienced professional print specialists

Once we’ve created your HD image, our high-quality online professional printing and image creation services don’t stop there! In fact, our print artisans at ArtisanHD work just as hard to ensure your professionally produced photograph or digital artwork is masterfully finished and delivered without harm to ensure your artwork remains picture perfect and ready for display.

With inspiration from Peter Lik, high-quality HD paper, the right display set up, and a knowledgeable printing service like ArtisanHD, you are well on your way to printing just like Peter Lik. Showcase your work on the vibrant, defined FujiFlex Crystal Archive HD paper and acrylic mount that will bring it to life.

Ready to go? Get started printing Like Peter Lik.