Artisan specializes in custom printing, and we often work with external designers to make a print come to life. Sports marketing printing has an excellent impact when done right, and is a very creative way to expand your branding and/or message.

We’re excited to show off a recent project in partnership with designer Cherie Morgan, who we worked with previously on the Padres Hall of Fame display. The more recent project involved the San Diego Padres player tunnel redesign with new colors, revealed at a party late last year.

Sports Marketing Printing with the San Diego Padres

Cherie Morgan of Morgan Design LLC has been working with the Padres since 2015, and we’re excited to show off the results of our most recent partnership.

The Padres unveiled their new colors in November of 2019.

The signage we helped bring to life was in the player tunnel, which isn’t typically available to the public. So, we’re showing you a few sneak peeks here!

Artisan is quite pleased with the result of this collaboration, delivering the highest quality sports marketing printing to the Padres. We’re working on another project in Peoria for Spring Training!

Interview with Cherie

How did you get Padres as a client?  

Some of their executives and owners were visiting Southwest University Park while meeting with their triple-A affiliate The El Paso Chihuahuas, and saw our work there. We were introduced to them that same day and were hired for work at Petco Park almost immediately!

How does Artisan specifically help the Padres with their marketing efforts? 

Artisan’s custom sports printing assists them with print objects that adorn the walls of their venues. A great example of this is the Hall of Fame display.

Padres Custom Sports Printing

In 2016 Artisan printed large format image displays for a Hall of Fame (HOF) installation at Petco Park in San Diego, featuring direct printing on acrylic with UV cured ink. These prints were displayed on larger-than-life lightboxes, which were displayed in Big Picture Magazine. Read the full post here!

“I can honestly say that Artisan Colour is the most technically qualified, detail-oriented digital shop I have ever worked with.  I’m not sure if you call yourselves a “printing shop” but for me that term doesn’t seem to cover the work you do.”

– Cherie Hayek Morgan of Morgan Design, LLC

The San Diego Padres are a premier client of Artisan, and we hope to do more custom sports printing for them in the near future.

Interested in more unique branding ideas? Another custom sports printing client is GCU in Phoenix, Arizona. Check out our full range of custom large format printing, including more sports marketing and displays!

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