Macy’s has done an excellent job over the years of developing and defining their brand. The word Macy’s immediately invokes a higher level of style and class. Part of the reason for that is their focus on quality marketing material. They seek out only the best imagery and equipment to produce their point of purchase and in store displays. That is why in 2007 they acquired a LightJet 500XL as one of the machines they use for their in house graphics department.

Read what Hal Deane from Macy’s had to say about the LighJet in the Feb 2008 edition of Wide-Format magazine:

Deane has been very happy with the work they are getting off their LightJet. “By using the LightJet, I can get more work produced on it in one day than utilizing three inkjet printers; and the quality is better.”

The Lightjet is used to produce signage for uniframe fixtures that sit on counter tops or on floor displays with the mannequins. “We also use it to produce wall murals and various other point-of-purchase graphics. We run Fujifilm Super Type C Matte media and well as their trans materials. We are getting very good results with Fujifilm media.”

Deane is blown away by the quality of the LightJet. “We utilize a lot of photographic images of the merchandise we are featuring in the jobs we produce, so details are important. The photographic quality is excellent, you can’t beat the quality…it’s a solid machine. If our workload continues to increase like this, I might need to add an additional LightJet in the future,” he concluded.

It goes without saying, that not every company has the resources to bring that kind of operation in house. If you are looking to get the same kind of quality for your in store displays and build your brand like Macy’s, let Artisan HD be your ‘in house’ LightJet imaging source.