We’ve recently upgraded some of our printers here at Artisan, including a brand new Canon Océ Arizona 6170 XTS! Large format printing with Canon Océ has always been a breeze. We’re excited to offer even faster turnaround and increased versatility with this new printer, which replaces an older version of the Canon Océ.

New & Improved Large Format Printing with Canon Océ

“An extra-large 2.5 x 3.05 m vacuum table… offers optimal print quality and unrivaled versatility. It supports the broadest range of rigid media applications including: printing on odd shaped, heavy, smooth or pre-cut rigid media; high value multi-layer applications; double-sided prints; large tiled prints over multiple boards; and edge-to-edge prints – all in perfect register and geometry and without hassle or mess.”

Some features of our new large format printer:

  • Prints up to 4x faster than our old model
  • Can print on an 8×10 foot area, or two independent 4×8 foot prints zones
  • Near-photographic quality
  • Built-in white ink printing
  • Light magenta and light cyan adds to color accuracy
  • 6-7 independent ink channel

Setting Up the Canon Océ Arizona 6100 XTS

Here we’re unloading 1 of 3 crates containing all of the parts needed to set up our new printer!

Here we’re rolling the new pieces into the shop.

And finally, here are the technicians setting up the printer. It was a bit messy, but now we’re ready to print!

We did a few test prints today, and we’re quite pleased with the results! Large format printing with Canon Océ Arizona 6170 XTS will be a breeze. This printer is a lot faster than our old one, so give us all your large format printing jobs! This printer can handle anything from thin paper to ceramic tile.

If you’re into the nitty gritty, you can read more about this printer’s specs here.

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