You may not think that extra large prints and graphics can help you sell clothes, but they can. Jeff Grant from Trio Display illustrates how to create an effective clothing retail display. Adding visual interest to your display can help you tell the story of your product, and in turn sell more of those items that you want to promote.

An excerpt from “The ABC’s of Clothing Displays” by Jeff Grant

Custom Window Retail Graphics

Custom Window Retail Graphics – (c) PrAna

If variety is the spice of life, it’s the cayenne pepper of clothing display. Monotonous, uninspired presentation leads to flat sales and flatter profits. We encourage our clients to mix the displays to once again create wall texture that is more compelling then a long slatwall covered with faced out t-shirts. You have to mix things up. Try creating merchandising areas in 4’W x 8’H story sections. Use selected fixtures to tell a story that may include: Clothing displayed face out; Clothing side hung; Folded clothing; Accessories on a shelf; or A lifestyle photo or brand graphic. The story might be about T’s, travel, men’s, women’s, trunks, dresses, suits, etc. The message will vary as will the product but the type of fixtures chosen and the presentation will be what captures the attention of your customer. Large graphics should be incorporated into the layout/span, especially [in] a lifestyle store. Use vendor graphics or go with a royalty-free site such as to acquire relevant images that can make your clothing presentation sing.

A Retail Display that Caters to the Customer

Jeff Grant of Trio Display describes how to create a retail display that tells a story

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We couldn’t agree with Jeff more. But how do you judge results of a stunning, eye-catching retail display? Many retailers use the sales by square foot method. As your most efficient salesperson, your retail space should not only tell a story, but also push the merch. In Visual Merchandising 101, author Humayun Khan offers tips on how to make sure your displays and signage are earning their keep.

First, think about your customer. Cater to your target customer and best demographics, but not just on a superficial level. Get to know their lifestyle traits and incorporate that into your wall art and your retail display stories. Cater to as many of the senses as you can, not just visual. Inviting smells can make shoppers linger, while the right music can enhance your brand’s style. In your Jeff Grant story displays, show shoppers how the products look outside of the packaging. Help them envision how the products would look in their home or office.

Another great tip for your visual story is to group like items together. Creating groups or categories could even be one way to break up your visual diversity. Customers like this method because it is functional and keeps them from having to run across the store looking for complementing products or items.  And in your categories, use the rule of three. Instead of one display, create a series of three. Something asymmetrical keeps eyes moving, while something symmetrical holds the eye’s attention.

Wallpaper, Super-graphics

Wall Graphics Add Impact!

 Keep it Moving

Backlit Snap-frame for quick and easy updates!

Backlit Snap-frame for quick and easy updates!

Then just when you think you have your diverse, categorized story retail display figured out – change it up! No matter what your display is or the tactics you use, you don’t want your displays to get stale, especially for your repeat customers.

With the help of ArtisanHD, we can take your retail space to a new level with custom wallpaper, acrylic backlit displays and extra large prints. Make your retail display feel like an art gallery or a comfortable, stylish home. Wall art can even mimic windows and views.


No matter what you’re selling, your customers will shop with their eyes – so hold their gaze!  Contact us today at 1.877.948.0009 or email us and we’ll help you get started