Art Printing Blog Categories

Are you looking for the right substrate or medium to print your art or are you looking for inspirational projects? Navigate the categories below to see all of our helpful blog content. Each category features articles that include either useful information, sample projects, trends, or advice. Click the links below to learn more!

Acrylic (28)
Learn everything you need to know about direct to acrylic prints, plexiglass acrylic face mounting, and TruLife acrylic face mounting. You will find examples of Artisan HD's acrylic print products in a variety of case studies and brand ambassador profiles. You can also find tips on how to create acrylic print artwork from your own images.

Adobe Photoshop (62)
Use the resources is Artisan HD's Adobe Photoshop category, to take your work to the next level. This page is full of photoshop tips and tricks and resources for photographers. You can also see how our Brand Ambassadors use Photoshop to create high-quality artwork.

Advertising (21)
All of Artisan HD's blogs related to advertising can be found on this page. You'll find blogs on how to get the most out of your product photography. There are also resources about graphics and advertising such as commercial signage.

Art (201)
Information and resources for artists and art lovers alike! Artists can find useful information about printing fine art and tips for selling your art online. Art lovers can read about Artisan HD's Brand Ambassadors and their art. Learn how to turn your own photos into works of art and how to display them in your home.

ArtBoja (1)

Artisan Colour (34)
On this page you'll find information about our parent company, Artisan Colour and their award winning commercial printing services. Artisan Colour partners with businesses in a variety of industries in the greater Phoenix area and across the country. Read about their commercial printing products and services as well as case studies with examples of their work.

ArtisanHD (152)
On this page you'll find a wide variety of blogs about Artisan HD's custom quality printing services. Learn about the different print products we offer and how to choose the best material for your image. Get inspired by the professional artwork of Artisan HD's brand ambassadors and get tips for selling your art online.

Banners (5)
Artisan HD provides high quality custom banner printing services for a wide variety of industries. Read case studies to get a detailed look at some of our large format banner projects including commercial spaces, events, and museums. You can also learn how commercial banner printing can improve your business's advertising strategy.

Brand Marketing (39)
Learn about the power of high quality images in brand marketing. Read case studies and see examples of how our clients have used our various products to elevate their marketing. See the incredible artwork of Artisan HD's Brand Ambassadors and learn why high quality printing is important for them.

Business Best Practices (26)
High quality print products can benefit all businesses and improve branding and marketing efforts. If you are in the business of selling your artwork, read our guidelines and best practices for selling your artwork online and improving your marketing strategy.

Cameras and Camera Accessories (60)
Get tips, tricks, and tutorials for how to improve your photography. Read about Artisan HD Brand Ambassadors, they cameras they use, and how they create their magnificent artwork. Learn about the equipment and camera settings necessary to produce high definition, large format prints.

CMYK (4)

Here you'll find information related to CMYK, including how color models and color management are used at Artisan HD. Browse printing guides, learn how ink is made, and get a break down of why we don't use ICC profiles.

Color (31)

Whether your printing fine art or printing marketing materials, color is crucial. Here you can read about color management, color models, color theory, color psychology, and more to create the perfect print. Learn all about our tools, techniques, and printing mediums that help us to prioritize color.

Design (71)

Here you'll find tips and information for designing and displaying your custom art prints. Read about the "rule of three," clusters and splits, and how the printing medium makes a difference in your design. Use custom art prints in your interior design to elevate your home décor.

Direct to Substrate Printing (29)

Everything you need to know about the different printing substrates offered at ArtisanHD. Learn about substrate qualities, characteristics, and maintenance to help you choose the best materials for your prints. Request sample prints of our materials so you can make the best possible printing decision.

Display Graphics (22)

These resources will help you design and print effective display graphics for your commercial space. Read about the different qualities and characteristics of popular materials for display graphics. Get tips for making the most of your ad space and point-of-purchase displays.

Framing (14)

Want to learn about framing options for your print? Read about traditional framing, modern framing, environmental friendly frame, and even frame-less prints. We've got the "how to" guides for mounting and hanging your custom art prints.

Graphic Design (19)

Browse this category for graphic design information from Photoshop tips to typography and creating custom prints of your graphic art. You'll find blogs about how to showcase your art through interior design by creating art prints or even custom wallpaper. Read tutorials for photo editing to make sure your picture is perfect before printing.

Interior Design (102)

Get tips and information for how to use custom art prints in your interior design projects. Whether your decorating a home, office, or commercial space custom art prints add a personal touch to the space. Learn how to choose the right size print for your space, how to hang prints and create collages, and when to decorate with extra large prints. If your a photographer interested in selling your art, check out our guides for tips to selling your art online.

Large Format (63)

This category contains all the information you need for creating high quality large format prints whether it's for your home, commercial space, or public display. Read about the challenges of large format printing and what you need to create stunning XL prints. Review case studies to see examples of large environmental graphics, XL banners, large format metal prints, and more.

Marketing (37)

Marketing is crucial for both businesses and artists and ArtisanHD is here to help. Photographers will find helpful tips about creating a portfolio, selling art online, and how to market using social media. For other industries, learn about the best substrates for marketing printing and how to create eye-catching environmental graphics. You'll find several case studies that show examples of our marketing printing.

Metal Prints (14)

Metal prints are a unique and modern choice for showcasing your artwork. If you're not familiar with metal prints, check out our "Ultimate Guide to Printing on Metal" for helpful information like the difference between ChromaLuxe and Dibond metal prints, the benefits of metal prints, the metal printing process, and more. Review case studies for examples of our ChromaLuxe prints.

Metallic Photo Paper (23)

Metallic photo paper is made using a combination of film laminate layers. Images printed on metallic paper have a striking, three-dimensional look and bright background. Print your black and white photos and images with reflections and vibrant colors on metallic photo paper for stunning art prints.

Phoenix (54)

In this category you can learn about Artisan's history and how we became an award winning printing company in the Phoenix community. You can see examples of our work in blogs about our local partners and events we participate in. You'll also find information about Phoenix photography galleries and art festivals.

Photo Gifts (38)

Check out this category for blogs, lists, and information about how to create unique photo gifts for any occasion. Learn about which print materials are long-lasting, easy to hang, and easy to clean. Whether it is for a birthday, mother's day, anniversary, or Christmas, printed photos and fine art make the perfect gift.

Photo Murals (24)

Photo murals can be used in residential, commercial, and public spaces to create eye-catching displays. Murals can include anything from wall graphics and wallpaper to photo clusters and XL printing. Here your find information about which substrates are best suited for murals and XL printing.

Photography (362)

Whether you are a professional photographer or an aspiring photographer, you'll find helpful tips and information in this category. We have guides for selling art online and blogs with tips for travel photography. Check out our blogs featuring ArtisanHD Brand Ambassadors to see some amazing photography.

Plexiglass and Acrylic Mounting (62)
Acrylic and plexiglass mounting brings unparalleled color and clarity to your art. Use the blogs and resources on this page to learn about acrylic photographic prints. Also, see how Artisan HD Brand Ambassadors use this mounting style to create large acrylic wall art.

Prints on Canvas (31)

ArtisanHD uses a premium archival-rated canvas for custom high-definition and fine art prints. Read about the merits of canvas prints, including why they are idea for large, XL, splits, and cluster prints. You can also find guides for how to customize your canvas print and choose the perfect size.

Professional Printing (397)

Professional high-definition printing is the name of the game at ArtisanHD. Read about our wide variety of high-quality professional grade substrates including ChromaLuxe metal prints, canvas prints, acrylic prints, HD photo papers, and more. Check out our guides with tips on choosing the perfect substrate for your project and producing the best possible print.

Retail Display and Point of Purchase Graphics (22)

This category contains information about commercial printing options ideal for retail and point of purchase displays. You'll find blogs covering our most popular materials for commercial printing including Sintra Board, Infinity Board, Gator Board, and Duratrans Lightbox Prints. Get tips for how to create eye-catching retail displays with top quality design and printing.

Signs (12)

Our team of Artisans create eye-catching commercial signage in addition to our fine art printing. The same printing process and high quality substrates like Sintra Board, ChromaLuxe, and Duratrans Light Box prints create impressive, durable signs for your retail environment. Read case studies to see examples and get tips for integrating stand-out signage in your space.

Technology (74)

Get a behind the scenes look at the technology involved in our printing process. Learn about the different printers and processes involved in creating our various products. Read technology FAQs and get tips for preparing your images to get the best possible print.

Trade Show Booth (8)

ArtisanHD is your print partner whether you need signs printed for a trade show booth or fine art printed for an event. Compare our various substrates and find the best material for your project. See local events that ArtisanHD has participated in and sponsored.

Typography (3)

In this category you'll find information related to typography and printing. Learn about the importance of typography, like font, size, and color when it comes to retail signs and environmental graphics. You can also read about the history of typography and how some fonts are created.

Wall Art (110)

Find information and guides for how to print and display stunning wall art. Before printing your image, check out our blogs for tips on choosing the best substrate and selecting the perfect size print for your space. You can also learn about hanging and lighting prints for your wall art display.

Wallpaper (14)

Custom wall graphics and XL prints are great for corporate and commercial spaces and even your home. Read how you can use wallpaper and art prints to make your space look and feel bigger. Review our case studies to see examples of custom wall graphics.

watercolor (2)

Have you ever seen a watercolor print? Watercolor paper is idea for fine art reproductions on account of its unique depth, dimension, and texture. However, it is a great substrate for a variety of projects. Learn about the Cannon Colorado Gel-Ink Printer that we use to create stunning prints on soft materials, like watercolor paper.

Window Film and Window Graphics (5)

Are you using window film and window graphics in your commercial or retail space? Window graphics are a great way to give guests information, create a brand experience, and maximize your advertising space. Learn how window graphics are created and read our case studies to see real life examples.