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This category contains a variety of blogs related to advertising. Blog topics include color use in advertising as well as color related news like Pantone Color of the Year. You will find tips on how to elevate your product advertising photography. Many blogs contain information about graphics and advertising like commercial signage, window stickers, vehicle wraps and decals, and more. This page is also a resource for information on brand identity and visibility.

7 simple rules to integrate your signage into your store environment

With Black Friday upon us many people are poised to do some serious power shopping. The increased traffic is a perfect opportunity for retailers to use in-store signs to their advantage. Signware manufacture, Rose Displays, wrote some great tips on things to consider about your store environment before installing your next campaign. Some of them [...]

Magnetic Attraction

For graphics that need to be swapped out or dismantled frequently magnets are a great option. Ideal for trade show booths that need to travel or retail displays that are changed to advertise sale or new seasonal items, magnets can be easily altered by staff not trained in professional installation. Magnets are also great for [...]

Building brand visibility

You have your mission statement written, and the perfect tagline all picked out. Most people's first step to building your company's visual identity and brand is the selection of your company logo. This important visual image projects to the world what your company represents, and needs to function well in different contexts; website, letterhead, business [...]

Maximize your ad space with floor graphics

Looking for alternate signage ideas for your product? The floor is often the perfect place to add to your message and literally stop consumers in their tracks. Every retail space has a floor, and each floor is a potential advertising canvas. By utilizing floor space, these graphics can be used as a directional tool to [...]

Point of Purchase displays that POP

The successful promotion of a company’s product line depends on effective marketing and presentation. It is vital for a product to be advertised in such a way that grabs the audience’s attention and also creates brand recall among customers. Most companies are looking for an approach that will give them the best return on their [...]

LightJet is the secret to Macy’s marketing success

Macy's has done an excellent job over the years of developing and defining their brand. The word Macy's immediately invokes a higher level of style and class. Part of the reason for that is their focus on quality marketing material. They seek out only the best imagery and equipment to produce their point of purchase [...]

Long lasting Duratrans prints

The technology that runs the LightJet has been repeatedly recognized as having a superior imaging quality over other output devises. This also true when it comes to long lasting Duratrans printing. Backlit advertising is frequently utilized by marketers because of its ability to captivate people's attention. Bright vibrant colors that don't fade in a couple [...]

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