Fabric printing that will get you noticed

New options with digital fabric printing have changed the way that many businesses design their displays. There are are an abundant choice of fabrics available — from sheer taffeta, shiny silk like weaves, upholstery, outdoor rated flag and awning canvas, to gaming felts, and everything in between. There are even fabrics available that are made from recycled soda bottles.

The wide range of choices are not the only reason companies and designers have decided to utilize fabric prints. Fabrics are also durable and versatile in their usage and application. They can be used for Point of purchase (POP) banners, tradeshow graphics, and street banners. Of course, there are not just retail applications. They can be finished to create a multitude of products, anything from a pillow, table runner, or tote bag.

Here are some advantages for choosing fabric printing.

– Fabric advertising can add an impression of quality to your product.
– Fabric banners can attract more attention. They move with even a slight breeze, which will draw the eye to your display.
– They can be used over and over and still look good. Many of the fabrics available can even be thrown in a washer and dryer.
Green fabrics are available that are made from recycled plastic materials.
– Fabric prints do not give off an odor.
– They travel well. They can be folded, put in a suitcase and still look good at a tradeshow or event.
– Fabric graphics rarely (if ever) curl, and in most cases can be ironed.

Best of all, is being able to create your own design to be printed. For more information on our fabric printing capabilities please visit our website.

About the Author:

Mike Goldner of ArtisanHD
With a passion for Artisan Colour's high-quality color matching and digital print process, Mike Goldner provides expert client support services on a local and national level to Artisan Colour's online print service customers who order large format, high-definition prints online direct from ArtisanHD.com.

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