Do you ever think about what happens to a billboard when the campaign is over? Billboards are made to withstand weather conditions for a long period of time while on display. For that reason, they are also durable and easily repurposed in to new uses. Rather than have piles of vinyl wind up in a landfill, some creative people have come up with ingenious ways to give them a new life.

typochairThese birdhouses are made from recycled billboard signs and found hardware. Billboards are also used to cover these birch chairs. Both are from the minds of Atelier Bom Design.

In 2005 during the earthquake relief in Muzaffarabad, Pakistan, there was an urgent need of large waterproof tents. Recycled vinyl billboard banners were used as rain covers at the refugee camp. Apart from the practical use they also add aesthetic value, the bold colors and optimistic imagery helped brighten up the campsite.

Because of the waterproof nature of the signs, they can also be made in to very sturdy bags. Target Corp. started out with this idea in mind when they commissioned emerging artists Charles Wilkin and Laurie Rosenwald to participate in a billboard project. These art collage billboards were displayed in New York City’s Times Square then turned into limited edition tote bags designed by Anna Sui available for purchase on their website.