Many photographer’s have run across this question from their clients. They love the image and want to buy it, but can not visualize how it will look in their office or living room. Google provides some very useful software that might be able to help you out. SketchUp is a free download and will allow you to build 3 dimensional models of nearly any environment. If you can imagine it, you can draw it out here. There are thousands of models (trees, window frames, sofas, TV’s, tables, and so on) available for download and textures and patterns you can apply that will help you make the mock up look more realistic. You can set the parameters of the room to be exactly the same size as their space. You can zoom in and out and view the room in a 360 degree radius.

The software is pretty easy to navigate. If you can use Photoshop, you will be able to use SketchUp. I made this mock up pretty easily never using the software until today.

Wow your clients and use SketchUp on your next print project. It could make the difference between them ordering a 20×24 or a 30×50.

Thanks to Greg Hunter for the tip and Diego Ceja for the image!