Whether you’re looking for a cool new retail display or a fun way to punch up holiday decor, Gatorboard print projects are the answer! Gatorboard is the professional printing industry’s gold standard when it comes to heavy-duty foam board. Artwork showcased on Gatorboard is sharp, resilient, and durable, making it great in both commercial and residential spaces. With a wide range of customization and finishing options, these 3 Gatorboard print projects will spark your artistic side!

1. Take a Printed Display to the Next Level

Gatorboard print projects - perfect for retail displays!A simple poster is a retail display of the past. Get creative and make sure your signage and brand is seen with Gatorboard! Printing direct to Gatorboard means both your promotional display and your mounting is taken care of. Plus, it’s economical and allows for an easy transition between seasons, sales and announcements. Since Gatorboard has a dimensional quality, the key to grabbing the most attention and making the biggest impact with this type of display is to put it at eye level. Customers will not be able to miss the display or the details!

2. Not Your Typical Home for the Holidays

Spooky Halloween Decorations Custom Printed Direct to GatorBoard by ArtisanHDTired of spending money season after season for the same old decorations that your neighbors have? Use Gatorboard to create your own holiday or character displays! Since Gatorboard is so durable, you can create yard signs and displays without having to worry about weather or direct sunlight. You can even bring your family into your decorations by using pictures from past Halloweens or Christmases. Large format printing will bring your own characters to life and welcome your guests. Or, use vector or stock images to create cutouts all your own. Gatorboard is easy to cut into any shape with a jigsaw.

3. Showcase an Up-and-Coming Artist

kids prints on gatorboard

Crayon Art

Why not showcase your child’s artwork in a way that makes you both proud, and create a totally unique gift for a grandparent or teacher? Take your child’s artwork and scan it if possible, or take a very closeup photo of it. You’ll have a copy forever! A Gatorboard print will help that artwork last. Use direct to Gatorboard printing for the most economical option, especially if you plan to update the artwork as your little Picaso hones his or her talents. Or, for that standout piece that sets your artist’s style, you can create a custom photo mount under 1/4″ acrylic. Add a museum mount for that chic gallery look your artist will love.

 Save 30% on Your Gatorboard Print Projects!

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