Display graphics – whether in a window, on an exterior wall or hanging above a register – need to be clear, vibrant and durable. There are a number of products and materials that are used in corporate and retail display graphics, so how do you choose the right one? This is actually a pretty common question that we help clients with on a daily basis. Such a popular topic, in fact, that one of our top product manufacturers, 3A Composites, recently interviewed us on the subject.

Choosing the Best Product for Display Graphics

The first thing you want to determine is where the graphics will go, specifically indoors or outdoors. Sintra is often a top choice for signage because of its versatility and durability. However here in the Arizona sun, using Sintra signage outside can limit its lifespan. To help it hold up, we can use a heavy-duty automotive paint. Or we recommend Dibond. Because we print directly on Dibond and use UV-cured ink, Dibond holds up really well in harsh weather conditions. Plus the visual effect of the aluminum is so modern and sleek.

With interior signage, the options are pretty endless. Infinity Board offers a great budget-friendly option, especially when paired with Sintra to create more dimension. Sintra looks fantastic, is very durable, and is also flexible. Sintra signage is easy to move from one location to another. Of course Dibond can be used anywhere, but is more permanent and can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. Many times Sintra can achieve a very comparable look for a lower cost.

An example of Display Graphics done by ArtisanHD

Work with Printing Pros

You don’t have to choose just one product for your retail graphic displays! You can combine several products to create a truly unique look, especially effective as a corporate ID or the first thing customers see in a lobby. With all these options in mind, you can see how working with a professional printing company is important to corporate and brand identity, as well as marketing budgets. At ArtisanHD, understanding our clients’ needs allows us to recommend which products will serve them best. It’s all about meeting value with function. Wondering what will work and look best for your signage? Contact us and ask!