Instead of taking another nail to your wall, hammering holes, or weaving wire to a frame, consider the sleek look of standoff wall-mouned prints. You’ll elevate the vibe of your home or office while making your artwork truly stand out. Hanging standoffs is easier than it looks. And because watching someone else do it first is much easier, watch the video and follow along for step-by-step instructions from ArtisanHD installation experts.

Step 1: Position the Print and Anchor

Standoff mounting for professional printsPosition your artwork on the wall, and mark the corners and holes with a pencil. Artisan Tip: this step, and a few others, are a bit easier with another set of hands! If you are attaching your standoff to drywall, you’ll need to use anchors. Drill the anchors into the holes you marked when you positioned the print. Then unscrew the standoff covers and push the wall screw through the base. Screw the standoffs to the surface, making sure that they feel secure.

Step 2: Hang the Standoff Print

Kodak Metallic Photo Paper Acrylic Mounted Print

Add the protective washer to the standoff screw. You’ll notice that there is a difference in size between the size of the standoff and the hole in your print. This enables you to make position adjustments as you hang the print and get a perfect fit. Now position the print and screw in the covers – another great time for a helper! Don’t tighten the screws all the way. You’ll want to get all standoff covers on first, then check the print with a bubble level. Adjust level and position as necessary, then tighten all four caps.

And voila – your art looks instantly more professional and stunning, just like your own gallery! The process is the same no matter the professional printing medium, from a Dibond metal print to direct plexiglass prints to full-bleed acrylic photo-mounts with standoffs. We happen to think metallic photo paper on acrylic with standoffs looks fantastic (image to the left). What do you think? What images and artwork can you set apart with easy to install standoffs?