Sure, brushed Dibond prints are ultra cool and chic. But you may be wondering how the average person can use them in a home or office.  While William & Elizabeth Shatner are far from the average person, their home remodel featured on the DIY Network is a fantastic example of how the professional printing elevates any space.

Shatner Beams Up Brushed Dibond

The interior design series “The Shatner Project” follows the Shatners as they remodel their entire home. Interior Designer Sh-Interiors knew Dibond brushed metal prints would be the perfect way to tie it all together. The sleek printing process was used in the Shatner’s new party room. Of course the stunning windows and large screen are focal points in the room, but the Dibond artwork adds a bit of sophistication to the space.

Check out the video as it takes you through ArtisanHD’s precise professional printing process for these Dibond prints, including the cutting and mounting. Then see how William Shatner’s space is transformed in the before and after pictures.

Dibond Prints Go the Distance

One of the best things about Dibond is how it is both lightweight and durable. While it’s reflective, shiny aluminum metal surface adds texture to artwork and interior walls, Dibond is also a fantastic option for exteriors. Because ArtisanHD uses a UV-cured ink, Dibond prints resist fading, even in the California and Arizona sun. If you’re still contemplating brushed Dibond in your own space but struggling to find the right image or location, we have a few more ideas to consider. But there’s nothing wrong with stealing a trick from William Shatner’s design playbook!

There’s no time the present to order your brushed Dibond print, or any print for that matter!