Using custom wall designs is a great way to make a room look biggerIt’s a topic that brings a lot of visitors to our blog, and to interior design blogs in general… How can you decorate a room so that it looks bigger? There are dozens of articles written on the topic with hundreds of tips. Of course custom wall designs for a small space help, but we’ve done all the extra work for you by narrowing it down to a few easy tips for making a room appear larger.

Cut the Clutter

Everything counts. That’s the idea behind Freshome’s tips for making a room look bigger. Instead of cramming several smaller items into an interior design arrangement, use one large piece as your focal point. From a “stuff” perspective, try to cut as much clutter as possible. Having too much stuff out and scattered about a small space can make it feel cramped. Putting things away and keeping the room tidy goes a long way in making it feel spacious.

In a small space, everything counts.

Freshome’s “5 Tips for Fooling the Eye and Making a Room Look Bigger”

Go Minimal with Custom Wall Designs

The de-clutter theory applies to your walls, too. The gallery and collage-style portraits may be a big trend right now, but that design does not work in all spaces. When decorating any room, big or small, there should be one central focal point. Instead of covering your walls with a ton of pictures and frames, consider custom wall designs that use extra large prints. Try direct to acrylic prints for a more modern and sleek look, minus bulky frames. Just going minimal and big with your prints and loosing the traditional frames can make walls feel more expansive.

Use Color

Art Prints and custom wall designs

Light and neutral colors throughout a space can make it feel more open and expansive, plus these colors create a neutral background for custom wall designs and furniture. Be sure to bridge adjacent spaces with at least the same colors, and try to even keep to the same flooring if you can. If you have blinds or drapes, keep them the same color, or in the same color family, as your walls.

Avoiding contrast in your custom wall designs will make the space naturally appear bigger, whereas different colors in a small space can make it feel too busy. Insider tip: using cool colors tends to make walls appear to recede.

Let the Light In, Then Reflect It

If you have any windows in the small room, open them up and let that lovely natural light in! Better yet, use decorative mirrors (remember, one larger mirror other several small ones) to reflect the natural light and the window to simulate another window in the space and increase the natural lighting.

Of course there are hundreds more of these design tips, but these are the easiest to keep in mind when designing your space, and they are some of the most effective in making your small room look bigger. Walls are certainly a focal point in small spaces, and Artisan wallpaper, extra large prints and direct to acrylic artwork are essential to your custom wall designs. Why not make your photography, family and artwork the focus of your small space!