Whether your home or office is compact and wall space is coveted, or your space is sprawling and you have a lot of white walls to adorn, light box prints can be figuratively and literally an out-of-the-box design idea!

Change Up Your Look with Light Box Prints

You may associate light boxes with commercial or retail usage, like movie posters that line the outdoor walls of theaters, or fast serve restaurant menus that hang above the ordering station. The elements of this look that appeals to commercial customers will appeal to you, too, making light box prints work well in consumer homes. The flexibility and ease of changing up the images is what retailers love about the look, and what makes it a great option for your living room. So just like a movie theater changes out the posters as new movies hit the screens, you can create several light box prints and change them out based on the season, your mood or your color design.

The Light Box Process

When you purchase a light box print, you are actually having your image printed directly on backlit film print material. This transparent material is specifically formatted to create large format displays without sacrificing resolution. In fact, backlt film prints have a digital resolution of up to 4,000 dpi (dots per inch). This gives the lightbox prints amazing colors and sharp details. And since its a continuous tone light exposure on photo-sensitive media, the professional printing is incredibly durable and fade-resistant.

The process is simple. You order your light box prints through the ArtisanHD configurator. Select the size, crop or rotate your artwork and finalize the image. We’ll even tell you if the image has too low of a resolution for the size and specs you are interested in. We’ll then print your artwork on a Light Jet or, for oversized pieces, on the Arizona 350 GT printer. You’ll receive your light box prints ready to display!

When you order light box prints,  it’s important to note that you are ordering the backlit film prints only, the light box is sold separately. Or check out our blog on how to build your own light box (it’s easier than you may think!). This actually speaks to that flexibility point we made earlier – buy (or make) one light box, then create new light box prints as you take new photographs and find new images to display.

Light box prints are an easy way to have an ever evolving decor that is truly brilliant!