ArtisanHD Sponsors First Ever Scottsdale Grand Prix Race, Printing Custom Vinyl Wrap to Brand Our Vintage Race Car

Scottsdale Grand Prix race car prior to installing custom vinyl wrap printed by ArtisanHD

The Artisan HD raw “base model” vintage Grand Prix race car, before we applied our printed custom vinyl wrap.

ArtisanHD is proud to be a participating event sponsor in the first Scottsdale Grand Prix! As a benefit of event sponsorship, ArtisanHD was given the opportunity to “brand” our very own Grand Prix race car. So our print Artisans got to work, printing a custom vinyl wrap to trick out our vintage Grand Prix racer!

The “base model” was delivered raw to our local Phoenix commercial print shop then our talented team of Print Artisans designed the vehicle wrap graphics, we printed them in-house, of course, and then applied the adhesive custom vinyl wrap (or “skin”) to our Grand Prix car.

ArtisanHD’s custom vinyl-wrapped race car will be 1 of up to 60 replica vintage Mini-Racers to roar proudly as we make our way around the 1-mile race course winding its way through downtown Scottsdale, AZ on November 7th, 2015.

Watch ArtisanHD's custom vinyl wrap go whizzing by as we barrel down the 1-mile 2015 Race Course of the first Grand Prix in Scottsdale Arizona

The Scottsdale Grand Prix is expected to be especially spectator-friendly!

The Scottsdale Grand Prix race course was specifically selected to provide friendly fans a clear, view of the vintage race cars as we rev up the racing action. The inaugural 2015 Scottsdale Grand Prix Race will also feature circa 1920 Race Day Announcers bringing the fast-paced, lap-by-lap race day action to all within earshot!

More About the Inaugural 2015 Scottsdale Grand Prix Race

The Inaugural Scottsdale Grand Prix will roar to life on November 7th, 2015. This unique and stylish auto racing event held in the streets of downtown Scottsdale will be a celebration of the roaring 1920’s era race cars, their legacy of craftsmanship, and the ladies and gentlemen who aspired to drive them.

Throughout racing history, Grand Prix events were set in exotic and classic settings like Monaco and LeMans. Now, you can be part of racing history with all the action right in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona.

Enjoy More Than Just the Grand Prix in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Arizona is a destination unlike any other with world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment as part of the course. Add the sounds and glamour of 1920’s era Grand Prix cars, Gatsby-style fashionistas and a corporate party environment will bring you back in time to enjoy a piece of racing history.

In keeping with the spirit of the 1920s-era, the Grand Prix of Scottsdale is FREE for the general public to watch.  Please join us for this fun, family-friendly event in beautiful downtown Scottsdale and help cheer on our drivers!  START YOUR ENGINES….