Samantha Kay M ChromaLuxe Giveaway Winner AnnouncementOur ChromaLuxe® Dye-Sub Metal Prints are a recent addition to our print product lineup. To celebrate, we gave away a 20″ x 30″ ChromaLuxe metal print to one lucky follower this fall. ArtisanHD customer Samantha Mostek was the winner of our most recent Rafflecopter!

Samantha received a a 20″ x 30″ ChromaLuxe metal print (in either gloss or matte finish with aluminum museum-back), a $250 value. We caught up with Samantha recently to see how her new print looks hanging on the wall.

Meet the Winner!

What do you like about your ChromaLuxe metal print?

I love how vivid the colors are! The metallic sheen really makes everything pop. Our family came over for Christmas, and they were just raving about the quality of the print and how nice it looked!

How was your experience working with the Artisan staff?

The Artisan staff was great! Mike was very easy to work with and talked me through the whole process. He explained the type of photos that would work best for the size of print and what formats were needed. He helped me narrow down which photos were the best options and provided pictures of each scaled to size to really help me decide.

How does this print medium (ChromaLuxe) compare to others (canvas, photo paper)?

We love this print much better than any canvas or photos we’ve had blown up to this size. It looks more crisp and realistic when compared to canvas.

Samantha winner of ChromaLuxe Metal Print Rafflecopter giveaway

Can you tell us about the inspiration for your image?

This photo was from a road trip through Arkansas and Missouri. The sun was going down, and it looked so beautiful that we pulled the car over so I could capture this shot. They call it the “magic hour” for a reason!

Why did you choose that one to print?

I had it narrowed down to a wide shot of a mountain range in Colorado or this image. We decided against the mountain shot as it’s fairly easy to find great mountain pictures. This one felt more personal. The colors also matched our decor better, with lots of natural greens and blues.

What camera did you use?

I used my Google Pixel 2 phone and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the photo when blown up to this size! Then again, I did pick out my phone based on the camera capabilities.

Anyone can get great quality prints from ArtisanHD without requiring a fancy camera, but I’m sure it certainly helps!

How did you get into photography?

My father has been into photography since I was little. He always had a camera with him to document life, whether it was his children, the garden, vacations, local scenery…He captured it all!

How did you discover ArtisanHD?

I found ArtisanHD with a Google search for unique prints while planning out my Christmas gifts.

As a photographer, do you believe printing out your work is valuable?

Definitely!  What makes better artwork than photos you took yourself? :) The memories attached to them make the prints even better. My father has been itching to get his own ChromaLuxe print now, too!

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