1st Aug 2006

Panoramic Cameras

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Are you considering a wide view for the Fall? Panoramic camera advice: "A true panoramic camera records an image over more than one film frame, giving an image with elongated proportions. There are many specialist cameras to choose from with this unusual, but very useful, format and below are ones you can consider." Here is [...]

1st Aug 2006

“I was framed, man…”

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We were working with a client on some fabulous nature images and we started looking for a unique way to frame them. We found some cool resources along the way. Thought we would pass them on. This site features premade small frames and the ability to quote custom for the really large frames we love.... [...]

1st Aug 2006

Photoshop – the power to create…

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...whole new realities. Brian Dilg Photography.Mouse over the image to see the unretouched original. This image for Bravo's Project Runway involved a lot of changes to the set, replacing the head on the woman at the back, lots of cosmetic skin work that won't be apparent in this little JPEG, and of course plenty of [...]

1st Aug 2006

Charles Brooks receives a mighty honor

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We love our mighty artists. It is always good to see them get the recognition they deserve. Charlie Brooks' Havasu Heaven was recognized this month by the Professional Photographers of America as one of their membership's outstanding photographs. The PPA accepted Charlie's print into their 2006 Loan Collection. PPA will exhibit this print along with [...]

1st Aug 2006

One More Week to Enter…

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Hey, Hot Shot!: "On Wednesday September 6, 2006 jen bekman will present the Summer 2006 edition of Hey, Hot Shot! Winners' Showcase, an ongoing series of exhibitions by emerging photographers. Enter your photography in to the Hey, Hot Shot Summer competition. If you're selected by our panel of experts, you will be: *featured as one [...]

1st Aug 2006

Cloning For Political Advantage

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After the news this weekend that a certain Reuters news photographer has been faking images, (besides the example below, there are more of this guys work coming out with captions that are predating the event and more) I can't help but wonder how much we are told is real, well, isn't. Photoshop used as a [...]

1st Aug 2006

How to Mount a Print

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Simple DIY instructions for matting and presenting images. You may already know most of this, but a little refresher is always a good idea. Mount a Print: "Photographic prints should be mounted so they can be removed from the mount easily, and cannot contact the glass if they are framed. This is done using a [...]

1st Aug 2006

Horses by Michael Eastman

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Gorgeous images here. No text, just 9 images of horses that are astounding. Michael Eastman is a reknown photographer, get to know his work by clicking around here. R. Duane Reed Gallery - Images for Michael Eastman - Horse Series Update: More images here.

1st Aug 2006

This is great for printing web pages

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Many times we want to print the information from a page and then sit helplessly watching all the color ink get used up in the banner images, backgrounds and such. This Firefox extension really helps when you need to print something just for the, you know, content. BTW... with two daughters in school, this should [...]