1st Aug 2006

The best of both worlds

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This is an older article that just came to my attention. If you love your windows software, but are 'jonesin' for a Mac... check this out. I think this could be very substantial for photographers wanting to take advantage of cool Windows apps like Picasa, while keeping with their legacy Mac software. The key here [...]

1st Aug 2006

Photographing Fall Colors

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A simple page on tips for shooting autumn colors in the desert. Desert Gold - Photographing Fall Colors in Utah's Desert from Wild Things Photography: "When one thinks of fall colors, that image conjured up is usually of a location somewhere in the NorthEast US. Nobody really think of the desert. But don't forget that [...]

1st Aug 2006

Feral Flowers

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Do you enjoy landscape photography and flowers? We do too! These types of images make great statements when printed as wide as possible. If you need some inspiration, or just want to see some amazing desert floral images, read on: Feral Flowers - Desert Wildflowers - Visions of Ephemeral Eden - Landscape Photography: "This rare wildflower landscape portfolio [...]

1st Aug 2006

When do you need permission to photograph someone?

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Asked and answered at Digital Photography School. Asking Permission to Photograph People: "1. I always ask for permission if the person will be the main subject of my photo - I figure that I’m a guest in another country and that I want to behave like I’d expect someone to behave if they were in [...]

1st Aug 2006

It’s Hot. Let’s go to the mountains…

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Weekend travelers going to the high country. Ahhh... But if you can't go, or are stuck at home this weekend, let us travel to the peaks virtually. Here are some fun mountain shots. As always, we think they would look cooler printed really big. Our first post is a great set of images of the [...]

1st Aug 2006

Wegman’s Weimaraners

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Do you love dogs? Do you love photography? I know I do. If you are going to be in the nation's capitol before the end of September check out this exhibit of Wegman's infamous weimaraners: William Wegman-Funney/Strange 07/01/2006 - 09/24/2006 Smithsonian American Art Museum Family, Young Adult, Adult William Wegman (b. 1943) is beloved by [...]

1st Aug 2006

A sunday ‘Sharpening’ roundup

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Big images call for close attention to sharpening. Here are some different views on a subject that ae Sharpening with Unsharp Mask: "Sharpening filters emphasize the edges in the image, or the differences between adjacent light and dark sample points in an image. The generic Sharpen or Sharpen More filters are often for graphics, and [...]

1st Aug 2006

Skin Tones

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Skin tones can be a challenge. Here's a couple of articles to simplify the task of making people look less alien-like. Photoshop Color Skin Tones Tutorial For those interested in coloring graphically upon the computer, painting, pastels, colored pencils, markers, and any other coloring tool, skin tones are necessary part of human color. The worl [...]

1st Aug 2006

Jim Cowlin’s Road Trip

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Arizona photographer (and Artisan HD artist) Jim Cowlin has been photographing Route 89 for many years. He is using the web to help him finish the project. Check it out and become a member of his project. Jim's images can be seen on his website. US Route 89 Appreciation Society: "US Route 89 from Desert to Glacier: [...]