1st Jul 2006

A nice primer on converting to black and white

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Photography Corner provides this concise article on better b&w images. Basic B&W - The Next Step | PhotographyCorner.com: "Everywhere you look, you see suggestions of using saturation rather than the remove color option available in Photoshop. It’s supposed to be better. What they don’t tell you, is specifically WHY it’s better. Well, if you use [...]

1st Jul 2006

Donate Your Old Cellphones, PDAs, and Digital Cameras For Charity – Gizmodo

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Hey if you have some things to donate, this is a very good cause. Gizmodo readers love having the latest and greatest cellphones, PDAs and other mobile electronics. However, this means they have a whole bunch of older gear that are sitting, dusty and unwanted, in the basement. Why not do some good by donating [...]

1st Jul 2006

Ocean Photography – Andrew Kidman

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Inspirational images of waves, surfing, the ocean and beaches. A pro-am shooter that captures the beauty of the sea in many different ways. Ocean Photography - Andrew Kidman: " I love taking photos of the ocean in all its' moods, it's very similar to surfing. I enjoy riding the waves with my eyes when I'm [...]

1st Jul 2006

Photoshop Filters, the complete freeware and commercial source.

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I needed a specific look for shot I was working on last night. I found this site and it has a great roundup of filters and plug-ins. Check it out if you are looking for a single place to see lots of filters.Photoshop Filters, the complete freeware and commercial source.: "This site is all about [...]

1st Jul 2006

It’s for an older version…

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... but the tips here on using brushes is very good. One thing that is good about PShop is that what worked in 7 will probably work the same in CS2. Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tips - Using PS7 Brushes: "t’s pretty frustrating to be in possession of the Photoshop 7 Brushes palette when you can’t [...]

1st Jul 2006

A look at Mounting Display Prints

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Nice, simple tutorial on mounting considerations. Mounting Display Prints: "Photographers categorize their work with that of an artist or scientist, meaning they see photography as either an art or a science. No matter what school of thought you hold, it should still be your goal to have your prints viewed, appreciated, and most importantly, communicate [...]

1st Jul 2006

Weekender: Art Shows. Are they for you?

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This long post really covers what you need to know before embarking on this type of endeavor. I personally know a couple of photographers who make substantial incomes from 3 or 4 of these a year. I also know a few who haven't made a cent. While there are reasons aplenty for both scenarios (and [...]

1st Jul 2006

High dynamic range imaging – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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I was struck by this Wiki entry. I hadn't been using the term before, but it seems that this is what I do when I combine several images taken with different exposures... lightening the shadows and deepening the highlights. High Dynamic Range.. hmmm. 'K. High dynamic range imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "HDRI provides [...]

1st Jul 2006

Correcting Barrel Distortion

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Interesting article that will show you how to correct the barrel distortion caused by many of today's digital camera lenses. (Now, if you paid 2K for that sweet Canon 85mm, f1.2... and you are still getting barrel distortion... well, you shouldn't be getting any distortion at all.) The settings that you create with this article [...]

1st Jul 2006

Pano Tools (Free)

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In the previous post I mentioned repairing the barrel distortion some lenses have. That prompted me to remember this cool little free tool for making panorama images. Check it out. Easy to use, however if you are not totally comfortable working in your PC system area, get someone who is to install it for you. [...]