The holidays are coming around, and once again you need a solution for presents. You don’t want to just give meaningless stuff. On the other hand, Aunt Marge is so difficult to shop for. There’s one obvious solution: photo print gift ideas.

Yes, give photos. Big photos. A gorgeous large format print of the kids, or a recent family reunion or, even a favorite photograph of your own, would make a thoughtful gift. And with prints and mounting included at ArtisanHD, the invaluable gift is ready to display, beating the high cost of giving.

Canvas Prints

free print canvas

A trendy option for wedding photos or photos of kids, the frameless look of canvas prints complements any decor. They are also light and simple to hang, without any concern for keeping the glass unsmudged.

Size these up and down. Color correct or filter. You can turn your candid and posed shots into beautiful, traditional wall art.

Acrylic and Metal Prints

ArtisanHD Client Nature Photos Sunset Beach Acrylic PrintWhether featuring a family photo or perhaps turning an amateur’s work into wall decor, check out acrylic or metal prints. These turn a simple photo or image into a gallery-worthy work of art. Given modern printing techniques, you can go big with these, as well (up to eight feet!), creating eye-catching wall art.

With direct to acrylic prints, images are printed directly on ¼” acrylic plexiglass. Or choose HD photo paper for your image and have it face mounted to the acrylic. Acrylic prints are UV cured, keeping colors bright and fresh. They are also weatherproofed and can be used outside, interacting well with light.

Metal prints are created by bonding ink onto or injecting ink directly into a metal backing. This makes for a unique, modern look with unbeatable durability. ChromaLuxe prints can even be wiped down with multipurpose cleaner, making them easy to keep sterile and perfect for a variety of environments. Create a piece of art that will last a lifetime with metal prints.

wall art gallery cluster

Memories and Memorials

Take the custom wall art one step further with a collection or triptych style. Most print products can be assembled in into these pre-designed or custom curated patterns. This can be a wonderful way to create a collage of a family. For a non-traditional sympathy gift, you can also assemble a collection in memorial of someone who has passed.

Up the creative ante with cut-out shapes like heart or circles. Available in acrylic, brushed metal or Sintra board, these cut-outs will give your collection a unique look.

SpiffySquare Mobile Prints

To easily create and gift photos, check out SpiffySquare, the app that lets you print high-quality prints right from your phone. They come with a custom printed card bearing the photo, as well as an acrylic 9”x9” frameless print and stand.

It’s a simple way to integrate candid photos into your decor and to gift memories to your loved ones. Photo print gift ideas directly from your smartphone!

Get Creative with Photo Print Gift Ideas

Giving a personal image, or one that has personal memories attached, can make warm wishes even warmer. Approaching photo print gift ideas with creativity can make for the perfect holiday hit. Look forward to the future or remember the past with a print-centric present for the family.

Photographs make wonderful gifts, and big images are, well, even better! Start planning your giving this year by uploading your images and customizing your prints.