Even before the world was forced to stay home, there were more than 209.6 million U.S. online shoppers in 2016, and projected to grow to 230.5 million in 2021. In 2020, online revenue is projected to exceed $2.4 trillion in 2020 and is expected to grow 7.4% annually between 2020 to 2025. With numbers like these, it’s absolutely time for you to sell art online.

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But there isn’t a clear-cut process to sell copies of masterpieces online. This article guides you to best represent your art on the internet and choose a commercial printer that partners with you to ensure your best work is delivered to your customers.

Display Your Passion

There are several ways to sell products. However, you’re not just selling products – you’re sharing your passion, your vision, your reason for being.

People buy things for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to fine art, it usually has to do with an emotional connection. Buyers feel a connection to your vision or the subject, appreciate your unique talent, or they can’t imagine their lives without the art. Sound over-the-top? Keep in mind that now that people have to stay home, your artwork is even more important.

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So, how do you best represent your art?

Color is Key to Sell Your Art Online

Your work must be beautifully represented in photographs and on your website. Professional photographers can represent their work effectively in photographs, but if you’re a watercolorist or a painter who specializes in oil portraits, you may want to trade favors with a photographer buddy.

Larry Lindahl

If you plan on taking photographs of your paintings, learn to properly calibrate your camera. This informational article tells you how to calibrate a camera and computer screen to ensure you’re representing your art as well as possible and the color is vibrant.

Colorful Descriptions Inspire Action

Emotional words inspire more feelings, which can amplify viewers’ emotional reaction to your artwork. Use phrases that will set your buyer’s soul ablaze so they absolutely must have your masterpiece. To ignite passion and other positive emotions, use words like:

  • Blissful
  • Delightful
  • Jubilant
  • Rave
  • Thrilled
Stan Rose

If you’re not a natural wordsmith, there are several resources online that can help you:

  •  Thesaurus.com – Find 50 different words that mean “beautiful”
  • Grammerly.com – Ensure your “I’s” are dotted, “T’s” are crossed, and commas are in their place
  • Grammar Girl – “Quick and dirty tips” that can improve your writing – make sure to save time to read the blog “Fascinating Words for Color”

When you’re done creating your content, have super-honest friends and family look over the descriptions and give you feedback.

Website or Selling Platform?

If you plan on having a website to sell your artwork, make sure that it’s beautifully and professionally designed. The cost ranges dramatically depending on what part of the country you live in and the experience of your designer.

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If you’d rather sell on a platform and forgo the expense of website design, several platforms sell fine art including Amazon Art. No matter which art seller you choose, make certain the quality is outstanding because they will be representing your art.

Simplify Operations to Sell Art Online

As an independent business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You create your art, make decisions about how it will be displayed – the mediums you use to print the art, the frame, and mounts.

It’s important to simplify your operations and focus on the things only you can do. Fortunately, you can leave the printing to ArtisanHD, a fine art commercial printer that cares as much about quality as you do. You can simply upload the art that you want to print on ArtisanHD’s homepage.

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When you choose ArtisanHD, you can choose to have your art delivered directly to your customer, carefully packed, and shipped within 3 to 7 business days. And, because your art is properly packed, you’ll have fewer returns due to damage.

Choose quality that reflects the quality of the art when you sell your art online, at fine art fairs, and galleries; partner with ArtisanHD when you want to put your masterpieces in the best light contact us at support@artisanhd.com.

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