A New Year and a New You with Inspirational Images

There’s a reason the eye is nicknamed the “Greedy Organ”… it selfishly fills our minds with images, to be instantly converted into thoughts, emotions, actions and more. So with this powerful “conversion engine” built right into our heads, we can use this omnivorous energy to set visual goals; reminders of what we want, need, desire and strive for. Why else would we have so many motivational posters like the infamous “hang in there” kitty? It’s simple. We are hardwired to respond to visual queues from our environment and adapt our way of thinking and acting accordingly. So, armed with this knowledge at the time of year when everyone comes up with their New Year’s Resolutions, we encourage you to find a picture that will spark a blaze within YOU! Stop dreaming about that beach vacation; visualize it, look at it every day and remind yourself: I have a plan…I will be there this year! ArtisanHD is here to help you achieve your goals with four (4) inspirational image ideas that will help guide you on your path to success in 2016!

1. Great Panoramic Photos of the Outdoors

Inspirational Images to help New Year's Resolution Goals!

Set high goals and visualize the TOP!

Are you looking to be more productive in the office?  Sometimes it’s as easy as bringing The Great Outdoors inside!  Utilizing images and pictures of peaceful, moving or favorite places can give you the inspiration you need to get your work completed and get you to that motivational outdoor location quicker. The same is true for emotional growth… a picture of a calm meadow can reinforce thoughtfulness, reflection and contemplation, while a steep hill can remind you of obstacles to overcome.

2. Striking Images of Exotic Destinations

One example of dream exotic destination images

Ditch ClubMed -Find your own Exotic Destination!

Is one of your resolutions to plan a trip this year or travel more?  Everyone deserves to have an amazing vacation, no matter how long or how far from home, and there’s no better way to keep your mind on your goal than with pictures and images of locations you’d like to visit. Dreaming of Paris? The iconic Eiffel Tower makes great artwork! Or what about thoughts of your toes in the sand? Beach, wave and ocean photography is simply stunning and can fit in with any decor.

3. Diet & Health

Notebook with weights image to New Year's Resolution

Picture it, write it down and commit!

We’ve all heard of vision boards – creating a montage of images or words that help you stay motivated and reach your goals. This concept of using imagery can be very helpful in meeting diet and health goals, too. Create your own wall sticker of a motivational quote to hang in the kitchen as a reminder to eat healthier. Or create a makeshift workout corner with a yoga mat and a few free weights, then post a motivational workout quote or poster from an epic movie like Rocky. Use your decor to keep your diet, health and fitness goals on track!

4. Quality Time

Family taking family images of time together

Reward yourself and your loved ones with the gift of quality time.

Do what really matters – spend more time with the family. That means less TV, social media and evening work sessions. Introduce family game night, or have dinner around the table a few nights a week. Plan vacations or weekend adventures. Even get the entire family in on home projects. Then remember to take photos along the way. Use the photos in your office and around your home to remind you to continue the traditions and to help you through those busy times when you may not be able to spend as much time with family and friends as you like.

Resolutions and Goals

Whatever your resolution is for 2016, we want to be a part of your success story by providing a beautiful feast for your Greedy Organ. Be it a glossy LightJet print, one of our Direct to Acrylic products, a tough enduring Dibond print or a more traditional canvas for the study… our team of dedicated Artisans will help you get just a bit closer to realizing your goal.

Don’t settle for a photo or magazine clipping on the Fridge. Find an image that resonates with you, for your specific situation and print it large enough for you see, every day, in every light, reminding you that THIS is the year for YOU! Your eyes will be happy… and so will you.

Here at ArtisanHD we have already met one on OUR goals for 2016 with the addition of a new, XL capable OCÈ LightJet printer.  It’s capable of printing continuous tone photographic images up to 12’ long and 4’ tall! Thank you for letting ArtisanHD be part of your journey as WE seek to improve our service and offerings for YOU in 2016!