Many people have already converted to one unit for all their audio and visual communication needs: the smart phone with camera. Camera phones have improved dramatically over the past couple of years, as companies consistently add cameras with more megapixels and better lenses to their latest smartphone models. Case in point: the release of the new iPhone 11 Pro, which actually features three camera lenses. Improvements like these can help the average hobby photographer take better pictures and, with some photography tips, begin taking pictures like a pro.

Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Phone

The benefit of a camera phone is that you can indulge in photography everywhere you go. A blog from HubSpot breaks down the visuals in the everyday so you can capture these moments simply with the camera on your smartphone. 

Their tips include:

  • Using your camera phone’s grid lines and focus. 
  • Embracing negative space, reflections and new perspectives. 
  • Creating shots with symmetry, patterns and repetition. 
  • Capturing small details and moments. 
  • Only using flash during the day, and seeking out natural lighting. 

Ultimately, be creative. Find unconventional ways to capture photos that tell a story you want to tell. Think about the overall aesthetic you want, and where you’re sharing the photo. What kind of imagery would complement your caption or purpose for the photo?

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In addition to playing with imagery, you can do more technical things, like cleaning the lens on your camera phone, manually adjust settings such as the exposure, edit your photos, or even purchase external camera phone accessories.

Best Camera Phone Accessories 

In addition to following these photography tips, you can also purchase accessories for your camera phone that can aid in stabilization, quality and the style of your pictures. Consider camera phone accessories like mobile tripods, harnesses and lens kits. A mobile tripod or harness can provide extra stabilization if you have shaky hands or want to put more of your energy towards the framing of the photo. If you don’t plan on investing in the newest, best camera phone, a lens kit can give your photos a unique perspective, much like a traditional camera would.

The digital age we live in allows so many of us to take and share pictures instantly. If you’re looking to start taking better pictures with your camera phone, don’t wait. Start experimenting! Have fun and see what kind of photos resonate with you.

Or for more inspiration, check out our blog on landscape photography tips and see how you can implement these ideas into your everyday photo experimentation.

Updated December 2019