For those of you unfamiliar with First Friday’s here in Phoenix; it is a monthly event where galleries in the downtown area stay open late and showcase a variety of artists and subjects. The first gathering of 2007 will feature one of our gallery artists: Tony Blei. His show aptly named ‘Two Parts Hydrogen, and One Part Oxygen’ will be displayed at the Holy Click Gallery 1326 W. Roosevelt Rd. starting this Friday, January 5th, and continuing through the month. Tony chose to use FujiFlex paper for his largest images. The smoothness and high gloss of the paper helped convey the feeling of water in movement.

“Two Parts Hydrogen, and One Part Oxygen” is a celebration of water and it’s amazing beauty. From the surface tension of a mountain stream, and the colors that it reflects, to playful, color-filled drops that dance and splash, each image reveals to its audience something seen, yet unnoticed.

Go by this month and check out his show. To see more of Tony’s work you can visit his site.