22 Pixels is asking for your cooperation

22PIXELS is a web-based community of artists. They recently offered a set of actions, fonts, brushes and textures to the community of Photoshop users. Apparently there was a mix-up and they have issued this notification:

“I have been informed that a user by the name of wildw0lf has ripped these brushes from other works. Ripping means that he took another persons artwork, and then claimed it was his. Many using these brushes are being assaulted for ripping people’s work. Most of them unsuspectingly because WW (WildW0lf), had distributed them without any credit to the actual people who made the actual artwork in the begining.

So for you’re own sake I suggest you remove any WW brush set, I believe Flock supplies you with sets 5-9.”

22PIXELS is a great site with some outstanding content. I am glad to see they are working to correct a mistake. If you have downloaded their package, I suggest you visit the site. If you haven’t, I suggest that you too visit their site.

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