A modern home needs to have modern appliances, comfortable furniture, and a continuous flow of fresh air. Everything about the home should represent comfort, luxury, and warmth. But no matter how warm or luxurious a home is, it cannot qualify to be modern and stylish if

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it doesn’t have modern and unique wall decorations. That is why if you haven’t done it yet, it is important to start hunting for fantastic wall art décor to spruce up empty walls in your home. 

Creating a space of grandeur on your indoor walls doesn’t have to be an expensive affair because there are endless wall art décor possibilities for any type of home, homeowner personality, and budget. 

You can, for example, display your art collections if you are a collector, hang house plants if you are a nature enthusiast, or decorate using bookshelves if you are a book lover.

You just need to tune into your style and personality, engage your innovation gear, and then customize the wall you adore.  Start by checking out our popular art print sizes and video on how to crop your images. Then, read on to discover seven ideas that will modernize your home. 

1. Install shelves 

There are many benefits to using shelves as wall decorations. For starters, they allow you to showcase your collection of books, small sculptures and cherished items all on the same vertical space.  

Secondly, by allowing you to store items vertically, shelves free up horizontal space for more decorations and storage. If you add shelves when doing bathroom remodeling, the shelves will make the bathroom not just beautiful, but also functional.  

Thirdly, the items you display on shelves make great conversation starters whenever you have guests over. Last but not least, shelves are effective in blocking unwanted noises from adjacent rooms or the streets, so they would be great if you live in a noisy neighborhood. 

2. Create a gallery wall 

Wall decorations

A gallery wall will inject color into your walls and add personality to your home. Anything you consider personal can go onto the gallery wall, from family photos, your wanderlust pictures, gifts from friends, wall art, and push pin travel maps. Choose an array of ornate wall art decor to spice things a little bit. If you have a small living room, extend the gallery wall to the ceiling to make the vertical space seem bigger than it actually is. 

3. Peel-and-stick tiles as wall decorations 

Add a backsplash or a stick-on tile to your kitchen or bathroom wall to freshen your space on a budget. These tiles imitate real tiles to make your home look classy and upscale. They are affordable to buy, almost seamless to install, and even easier to remove, making them ideal in a rental. 

Wall color and buildout

4. Paint a mural 

A mural can be anything you envision. If you are an outdoor person, for example, paint a forest, a waterfall, or a cloud mural to bring in a touch of nature to the indoors. Other wall mural ideas include wood textured wall murals, snowy mountains, animal murals, world maps, beaches, and city skylines. 

5. Create an accent wall 

You can do this by painting bright and bold paint color patterns on the wall, or mixing up different wallpaper patterns. Extend the design to the ceiling if you wish to make your small space appear bigger. 

6. Hang plants 

Plants don’t always have to be placed on the floor or on tables. Try hanging them from the ceiling, against a wall. You can also mount planters to act as wall decorations and let nature bloom from within. Besides their utter beauty, wall mounted greens are great because unlike their counterparts on the floor, they aren’t bothered by little hands and paws. 

7. Add a 3D wall panel 

3d wall decorations for interior design AHD web blogWall panels that are 3D are arguably the most modern wall art décor idea on the list, but maybe not as innovative as the other six suggestions. They are also more expensive to buy and install compared to our previous choices. 

These panels make the list particularly because of their texture and pattern that give your walls a sophisticated architectural 3D appearance instead of being flat, making your living spaces chic and sophisticated. 

Your best decor may be one-of-a-kind If you have photographs or artwork that you’d like to print to display or gift to friends and family. ArtisanHD’s variety of art display options – from cutting-edge to basic printing and art displays can turn your hobby into masterpieces. Plus, we provide quality options that will have your print looking professional. And, online ordering makes it easy! Are you looking for more amazing wall, fabric, and upholstery decor hacks, check out this article.

Final words — Your empty, stark, bare walls are filled with possibilities. It is up to you to bring life into them by choosing the best wall decorations you can find. Whichever choice you go with from our list, remember to bring out your personality and taste, and to stay within your set budget. 

Jennifer Monroe bio image“Jennifer Monroe is an architect. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. She has eight-plus years of experience in interior and exterior design. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet homes.”