We Artisan HD folks would like to add one more to this list of ten ways to watch the bottom line at Holiday time.

#11. Give Photos: Big photos. A gorgeous 16×20 image of the kids, or the grandparents or the family at the zoo would make a wonderful gift. With the images running at less than $16, and a frame at about $15 – 20 you have a wonderful gift.

Giving a personal image, or one that has personal memories attached can also make warm wishes warmer. Have the lab turn the image into a soft sepia, or try scanning an old image of Grandma and Grandpa and print it big and B&W on metallic paper. Wow.

Photographs make wonderful gifts, and big images are, well, even better!

Beat the high cost of giving – 11/17/06 – The Detroit News Online: “The holidays are stressful enough without wondering how you’ll pay those January credit card bills.

Shopping smarter can help ease that stress. Here are 10 quick and painless ways to cut your holiday spending on gifts.”