An interesting twist. Here’s a retailer providing services to help photographers. Instead of advertising on other content sites, the retail giant Adorama has decided to provide content on its own site. The articles are well written and can be another important bookmark for you.

Career Jumpstart: Which stock photography model works for you?: “The stock photography business, where existing images are offered for sale to clients for a fee, has been very appealing for photographers who either envisioned it as their main source of income or as an adjunct to their primary photography business. Depending on who you speak with or what you read, the present day stock photography business paradigm has changed irrevocably and not in the photographers’ favor or there’s room enough for everyone and all types of successful images in a technology-driven world will continue to sell. “

This retailer understands the need for information critical to its clients. More and more businesses are starting to understand that they and their clients have a symbiotic nature.