What better place for calming nature images than a fertility clinic? A place that typically not relaxing, Dr. Mersol-Barg has harnessed the power of peaceful imagery to create a calming environment for staff and patients.

While it’s crucial for a doctor’s office to offer a comforting and welcoming atmosphere, it’s equally important for it to uphold high standards of cleanliness, sterility, and modernity. This balance instills confidence and trust in both patients and staff, delivering a safe and reassuring healthcare experience.

ChromaLuxe metal prints are a favorite choice for medical office wall art because they can be easily disinfected and display beautiful, modern images that improve the patient experience.

Let’s look at how Dr. Michael Mersol-Barg, a renowned reproductive endocrinology and infertility expert, uses ChromaLuxe metal prints throughout his office.

This is what you can find in this blog:

  1. How Medical Offices Are Using Metal Prints
  2. Calming Imagery For Every Room
  3. Advantages of ChromaLuxe for Medical Office Wall Art
  4. Custom Wall Art for Your Medical Office

How Medical Offices Are Using Metal Prints

Michigan Reproductive Medicine small images of birds on wall around deskMaking patients feel more comfortable will come second to meeting their medical needs, but when possible improving the surroundings with interior design choices is a worthy endeavor.

Modern Medical Office Art

Elevating your hospital or medical office with a modern aesthetic is essential for creating a welcoming and reassuring environment. Outdated, faded medical posters, or generic artwork, fail to achieve the sophisticated and contemporary look necessary for today’s medical spaces.

Custom metal prints offer a tailored solution, allowing you to select imagery that perfectly aligns with your practice’s ethos, ensuring your space is both modern and inviting.

A go-to subject for medical offices is landscape and nature prints, like Dr. Mersol-Barg. Other common styles include abstract yet accessible artwork, prints that reflect the local culture and community, or otherwise themed art prints.

ChromaLuxe metal prints are ideal for printing colorful, high-contrast images with a modern aesthetic.

Calming Imagery For Every Room

The image brilliance and durability of Chromaluxe prints can be seamlessly integrated into practically any space within a medical environment, transforming sterile areas into places of comfort and visual interest.

  • Lobby
  • Check-in area
  • Waiting rooms
  • Lab areas
  • Recovery bays
  • Patient rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Consultation rooms

Dr. Mersol-Barg’s Michigan Reproductive Medicine has nature landscape prints throughout most of the office, creating what he likes to think of as “calming windows to nature” that otherwise would be blank or have a medical poster.

“My patients find the images calming and inspirational in their quest to grow their families,” says Dr. Mersol-Barg.

Reduce Stress For Patients & Employees

Multiple studies show that nature images provide a “mental escape,” relieving stress. Looking at these types of images for just five minutes can have a calming effect, especially during times of moderate stress. It activates the parasympathetic system – the part of the nervous system that aids in calming areas of the brain that contribute to fear and anxiety.

“My patients and staff regularly share how much they enjoy these pictures promoting feelings of calm, comfort, and happiness. That’s why I do this and you help to make a good difference in their lives!” -Michael Mersol-Barg, MD

Doctor’s offices are meant to be sanctuaries of healing where people seek comfort and relief. Displaying artwork can significantly contribute to making patients feel more at ease and less stressed, aligning with the overarching goal of creating a supportive and therapeutic environment.

Advantages of ChromaLuxe for Medical Office Wall Art

because they are easily cleaned, offer a variety of options, and are more durable than standard photo paper in frames.

Easy-to-Clean Prints

ChromaLuxe prints have a polymer finish, which creates a closed-cell surface (non-porous) that resists chemicals, bacteria, contaminants, and pathogens. Paper, canvas, and powder-coated metal have open pores that get ruined by disinfectants and harbor bacteria. With ChromaLuxe you can use the same disinfectant and cleaning process you use to sanitize the rest of the office.

Variety of Prints

Some parts of the medical office need to be brighter for visual examinations while waiting rooms and office work areas can have lower light. ChromaLuxe prints can have a glossy or matte finish, so no matter the amount of light, metal art prints can adapt to the room. Add to that various shapes and sizes of metal prints, and you can get a print perfect for any part of the office.

Easy to Hang

Michigan Reproductive Medicine print above 2 chairs in officeChromaLuxe metal prints can use either a museum or float mount. Museum mounts hang the back of the print onto a metal strip on the wall while the float mount connects directly to the wall. During the checkout process, you’ll be asked which you prefer so the print can be delivered ready to put on the wall with no additional framing necessary.

Most Durable Option

Metal prints are drop, puncture, tear, and scratch-resistant. Unless a medical office regularly has high-velocity projectiles flying around, chances are that metal prints can last for decades. ChromaLuxe has a 65-year permanence rating from the Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Custom Wall Art for Your Medical Office

Transforming a medical office from a clinical space to one that is calming and caring doesn’t just enhance the environment for patients and staff—it’s a strategic move toward promoting wellness and trust.

Contact us to learn how ArtisanHD can help you create the perfect art prints to make your medical office a testament to your commitment to patient care.