Dr. Michael Mersol-Barg is a renowned reproductive endocrinology and infertility expert leading his team at Michigan Reproductive Medicine. But when he’s not helping couples achieve parenthood, he’s clicking away on his camera in the great outdoors. Like so many photographers, he refers to it as “finding his Zen plane of consciousness” and loves his ChromaLuxe aluminum prints.

Michigan Reproductive Medicine small images of birds on wall around deskWith a brimming cameral roll and bare office walls, he saw the opportunity to blend his two passions.

Working with ArtisanHD, Dr. Mersol-Barg brought his calming nature images into what could have been a sterile and cold medical office – especially amongst Michigan’s notorious winters!

He selected ChromaLuxe aluminum prints to show off his photography, both for the stunning HD brilliance that the dye-sublimation process offers, but also for the durability. ChromaLuxe prints boast a custom polymer finish, which creates a closed-cell surface that resists chemicals, bacteria, contaminants and pathogens. Unlike other print media with open pores – like paper, canvas and powder-coated metal – ChromaLux can be kept clean by simply wiping down with any all-purpose cleaner.

Museum-quality style fit for the most stringent safety requirements of a medical office!

Bringing the Calm of the Outdoors In

The durable ChromaLuxe aluminum prints are displayed throughout the Michigan Reproductive Medicine clinic, including in the lab office area, surgical recovery bays, utility room (creating a window to nature where none otherwise exists), bathrooms, hallways, blood drawing room, conference room, and consultation offices.

Because ChromaLuxe aluminum is closed cell, anti-microbial and easy to clean, it is a fantastic option for hygienic settings like hospitals, classrooms and healthcare environments. Any all-purpose cleaner can be used to wipe down and sanitize the prints.

“My patients and staff regularly share how much they enjoy these pictures promoting feelings of calm, comfort and happiness. That’s why I do this and you help to make a good difference in their lives!” -Michael Mersol-Barg, MD

ChromaLuxe Aluminum Prints Can Relieve Stress

Another reason Dr. Mersol-Barg chose his outdoor images for his office: to help his patients relax. Multiple studies show that nature images provide a “mental escape,” which in turn relieves stress.

ChromaLuxe aluminum prints create calming environmentLooking at these types of images for just five minutes can have a calming effect, especially during times of moderate stress. It activates the parasympathetic system – the part of the nervous system that aids in calming areas of the brain that contribute to fear and anxiety.

So what better place for calming nature images than a fertility clinic? Known to be anything but relaxing, Dr. Mersol-Barg has harnessed the peaceful power of imagery to create his own calming environment for staff and patients.

Ready to create your own oasis? Bright, happy, durable ChromaLuxe aluminum prints are perfect for walls just about anywhere. Turn your home office into a look back at vacations past. Or add a spark of calm creativity to a conference room. Why not mount food fractal imagery in a restaurant dining room or your own dining room at home? There’s inspiration everywhere!