For any of you that have been to a concert or sporting event recently and have seen the dozens of people grasping for their cell phone to capture the moment, then you probably already knew this information to be true. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) recently reported that cell phones now account for 9% of the primary image capturing devices.

Tim Herbert, senior director of market research at CEA, said, “Among consumers who now classify their cell phone as their primary image capture device, 47 percent also own a digital camera. Consumers have yet to significantly engage in the practice of substituting devices, but rather use devices in a complementary manner. As cell phones progress to 3+ megapixels, offer greater storage and more features, this trend may change.

But be warned…

The survey found that little has changed since 2005 in the way consumers back-up and store their digital content. Consumers continue to take chances with their digital photos and videos with 78 percent of them relying on their PC for long-term storage, meaning they are just a hard-drive crash away from disaster.