It’s always interesting to see the new ways that traditional art intersects with modern technology. Google has made itself a main player in the homes of many, making tasks easier. Now the Google Arts & Culture app makes bringing fine art photography into your home just a few clicks away.

Fine Art Photography in Your Palm

The Google Arts & Culture app brings museums, fine art photography and even art history right to your cell phone. The app zooms museum exhibits and individual art pieces up close and personal. See your favorite Picasso in stunning detail, or scout out a trip to the Louvre.

The app isn’t limited to traditional artwork, either. You can also browse architecture, natural wonders, videos, manuscripts and stories.  And with Google’s existing benefits, like translator, you can virtually visit and learn anywhere in any language.

Plus, if you’re physically in a museum or exhibit, the app can help you navigate and provide details about what you are seeing. It can also alert you to cultural events happening in your vicinity.

Starry Night Fine Art Photography Up Close Google Arts ArtisanHD

The Starry Night, Van Gogh. © Google

Mona Lisa Smile

The Arts & Culture app was seven years in the making and Google partnered up with cultural institutions and museums to add cool, unexpected features, especially with the recent addition of the camera tab within the app. Like Art Selfie. Born out of an experiment, you can use a selfie to find your very own art doppelgänger! This feature uses facial recognition technology to match your facial features with similar artwork. Users have snapped over 78 million art selfies in the app and the app continues to add more and more artwork (tens of thousands at this point) for you to be matched up with. What a fun way to be introduced to artists you may have never seen or heard of!

art selfie fine art photography google app artisanhd

© Google Arts & Culture App

Another interesting feature is Color Palette. Just take a picture of anything around you and the app will find connections via color. So take a picture of your living room and be introduced to fine art photography, paintings, statues and other masterpieces that fit right in to your color scheme. Or get creative and be inspired by a favorite outfit, delectable meal or book cover. This is an excellent way to find that perfect complement to your existing interior decor, wall art gallery or the right digital image for your new cluster design.

Google Fine Arts Photography App ArtisanHD

© Google Arts & Culture App

If you’re wondering how fine art photography will look in your space, the Art Projector feature will come in handy. Actual-size artwork and photography is shown right in front of you, via augmented realty. This feature will even offer suggestions as to where to hang the artwork. Augmented reality works on tens of thousands of images within the app, as well. If an image has the AR icon, you can view it in detailed  high resolution.

Through the Arts & Culture app, Google is using technology to help users explore, discover and interact with art in fun ways. And once you find that amazing image, use ArtisanHD professional printing to add it to your collection!