A look at cities, the working man*, and some really cool images.

Sleepy City is photographically deconstructing the urban environment. Underground tunnels, derelict industrial sites and urban ruins are where I like to play. Discarded by society, these forgotten nooks and crannies wait quietly for the occasional urban explorer. Grab a torch and have a wander; you might be surprised how little of your city you have ever appreciated.

Here’s a nice little site with some very cool black and white images. Urban photography at it’s best.

I have photographed the urban environment for over twenty years. Emanating from my interest in sociology and history, I am fascinated by the ways cities are organized and by the stories the buildings and the streets tell. People are rarely seen in the photographs but their presence is certainly felt. Recently I have begun to photograph rural settings in addition to my ongoing urban photography. While these environments different from the city, I am drawn to the same graphic elements and to the stories contained therein.

I have Nitsa’s book, “Streets of New York” and like it a lot. I bought a copy of it over at Cafe Press really to see the quality of the printing. I have been more impressed by LuLu for self-publishing photography books, but that is for another post.

Simply put street photography includes any photograph made anywhere in public places. Some people narrow it down to urban settings and some people think there must be people present in these kinds of photos. But the bottom line is that each street photographer will find their own meaning and approach therefore whatever definition they might arrive at will work just as well.

Then there is the wonderful work over at “Deviant Art.” Pretty interesting.


The group of Deviant Art which is dedicated to the wonderful art and beauty of the city, and urban photography!

Finally, enjoy the work of Gavin George. Shooting the urban landscape with lots of love for the subject.