Vibrant. Durable. Impactful. ChromaLuxe® dye-sub metal prints turn any photograph or digital art design into a show-stopping masterpiece.

It starts with the perfect foundation. White ChromaLuxe® aluminum photo panels are finished with custom formulated polymer, making the panels both scratch and fade resistant. Color dyes are then infused directly into the metal finish (dye sublimation). Not only does this bring out brilliant color and  high-definition depth, but infusing the dye into the finish also helps protect the piece from scratching.

Custom ChromaLuxe®

ChromaLuxe Metal Split Cluster Prints ArtisanHDAs with most ArtisanHD products, the customization options for ChromaLuxe® dye-sub metal prints are virtually endless. You can select any size up to four feet by eight feet and opt for a custom size/shape, cut out by our high-speed router. Finishes can be glossy with a sleek, striking shine, or glare-free matte. If one is not enough, choose clusters or splits to create your very own art gallery wall.

You’d think the material that lends to such stunning visuals would be heavy and difficult to hang. You’d be wrong. The aluminum panels are lightweight and the museum back makes makes it simple to mount to any surface. ChromaLuxe® is also easy to clean using any all-purpose cleaner and a cloth.

ChromaLuxe® Dye-sub Metal vs. Dibond® Brushed Aluminum

With Dibond®, the image is printed directly onto the metal surface and UV cured for extreme durability. With both ChromaLuxe®  the image is “fused” via heat and pressure, right onto the coated metal surface.

However, what separates Dibond from ChromaLuxe® is the metal texture and how the ink is applied to the metal surface. With Dibond, the UV-cured ink is sprayed directly to the metal and any white that is in the image falls away to reveal the brushed aluminum surface. This creates a cool metallic, almost three dimensional effect. With ChromaLuxe®, the dye is applied to the white polymer finish onto the aluminum via heat and pressure. Any white still appears white and colors are extremely vivid.

“ChromaLuxe® metal prints… give my images an unbeatable depth and dimension that can’t be achieved on other mediums.”
-Walter Arnold

Because the brushed aluminum surface of Dibond® prints shows through the ink, the surface actually becomes an element of the print. Dibond® is therefore fantastic for abstracts, black and white, monochrome, or very  bold images. Whereas ChromaLuxe® is more ideal for images with lots of color, detail and contrast, and you get your choice of finish, in either matte or gloss.

ChromaLuxe® dye sub metal Desert Rocks brilliant colors and shadows


“I decided to order a Dibond metallic print. When the package arrived and was opened, I was stunned! What vibrant color. The metallic compliments the print perfectly, making the sunset seemingly shimmer, and the lights glow.”
-Bill K.

No matter the subject or design of your photography or digital artwork, ChromaLuxe® dye-sub metal prints will showcase the image like no other print product available. And now is the perfect time to order and see for yourself – the ArtisanHD ChromaLuxe Sale is in full effect through October 31st! Design your print, enter “LUXE20” at checkout and SAVE 20%!