Here is a inventive way to use big photos. Last December artist Beth Arnold posted these posters all over Melbourne of discarded objects to try to match them with their owner. Although the posters are down now, the idea and the website still live on. Check out the Discarded Object Poster Project site. Review by Guerrilla Innovation.

Have you ever seen a single shoe in the gutter, a beanie on the road, or a glove on the tram, and thought about whom the object may have belonged to, and how it got lost?

If yes, then you will love the Discarded Object Poster Project.

Discarded Object Poster Project is an urban artwork by Beth Arnold devoted to lonely deserted objects that we tend to notice, only to forget about them soon after.

The artist recently invited people in Melbourne to submit photographs of discarded objects along with information about their location. The images will then be made into high-quality posters and posted around the city.

Walking tours to view posters will take place at the opening on Thursday December 12th.