A great list of Pinhole Photography books including reviews. If you enjoy this laid-back approach to images, take a look at this fairly comprehensive listing of books you will like.

Product Listing – Books: “Included in the ‘how-to’ chapters are directions on how to make and use pinhole cameras, explanations on avoiding the most common mistakes, calculating exposure times, charts and formulas for optimal pinhole diameters, making and measuring pinholes, filtering, various camera designs including wide angle, 1:1, telephoto, multiple pinhole, digital pinhole, and extensive information on how to use zone plates. Includes lengthy chapters on the history of pinhole in both art and science, pinhole’s renaissance from the 1960s to 2004. Many contemporary images are shown throughout the book. Includes new chapters on camera obscuras and digital pinhole. This book is a must for anyone interested in pinhole photography!”