ArtisanHD recently got a very unique printing job from local artist Jennifer Hoffman. This piece was a great fit for Dibond brushed aluminum. We printed a small-scale sample, which became a large metal wall art piece, measuring 40″ x 52″. “Life Out There” is now installed in a boutique furniture shop in Scottsdale.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your art? How did you get started as an artist?

I am a contemporary, abstract artist residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Starting at 3 years old I was successfully working as a professional actor, dancer, singer, and improvisational comedian. I’ve also worked as a natural product sales representative, and after earning my Master’s degree in Professional Counseling, I practiced as a licensed therapist. I have found however that creating and selling fine art professionally is my true calling. I’m an artist in every sense of the word.

I am a stream-of-consciousness artist. My work is completely reflective of what I am feeling in that moment, be it joy or darkness. I think in tiny details and how I imagine the great possibilities of the unknown; of life, anywhere in the universe. The wild colors and shapes you see in each piece are inspired by the deep sea, outer space, the supernatural, mind-expanding enlightening experiences, and the connection between our biology, behavior, and psyche. For me, creating art is highly therapeutic and provides an outlet for all the energy the universe is sending. I am the vessel and my art is the message.

What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

Honestly, this Dibond piece with the brushed black metal frame is my showstopper.

This piece is currently installed at Parnian Fine Furnishings in Scottsdale, AZ. 

How do you sell your art? Online? In galleries? 

I currently sell my work primarily by exhibiting in Downtown Phoenix and Scottsdale art galleries, group and juried shows, and other venues including restaurants, salons, and in-home staging. My work is also available for sale online.

What was the inspiration for the piece that we printed?

When I finished this piece, “Life Out There”, I realized it was a self-portrait. I did not know it before or during the creation, but it was obvious to me when it was complete. It is also universal in that the center of the piece represents that feeling we get that we are totally alone in this world; totally unique, yet still bound together by all of the forces of nature surrounding us. It is essentially an abstract assemblage of experiences that shaped who I am.

Printing Metal Wall Art with ArtisanHD

How did you hear about Artisan?

My extremely talented boyfriend, Alex W. McDonell, fine artist and Creative Manager for Natural Partners, introduced me to the awesome Mr. Mike Goldner.

Why did you decide to print with Artisan?

I had been looking for a local printer that provides a wide variety of high quality mediums. I also wanted to be able to come review a piece before accepting it. ArtisanHD is very flexible in taking the time to meet all my needs.

We printed a small-scale sample for Jennifer’s review, and after her approval, printed and cut the full-sized piece.

Will you continue to use Artisan for printing projects in the future?

Yes! I will absolutely continue to use ArtisanHD to print my fine artworks. I trust in the quality and service I have received from Artisan’s professional, accommodating, and friendly staff.

We look forward to printing more of Hoffman’s unique creations. See more of her work at Superfly Modern Art. She frequently exhibits around the Valley, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

To print large metal wall art of your own, visit ArtisanHD’s Dibond product page.