Our Latest Sale Reached So Many New Customers!

We couldn’t be more pleased with the onslaught of new customers during our last sale.  While our loyal repeat visitors have figured out how to fully maximize the potential of the site, some newer users may have made a few common mistakes – especially for museum back prints.

Our QC team knows to look for these oversights and we always reach out to make sure the orders are placed accurately. So, as a little “nudge” in the right direction, we wanted to share some helpful tips & tricks.

What is a Museum Back? Do I Need It & How Do I Get It?

A museum back or “float-mount” is an undersized framing system that allows you to display your art on the wall without any hardware or external frame showing. It is MOST popular with our Acrylic Mounted Photographs. It delivers a sleek, gallery level look – and saves you money too as there is no need to buy an extra frame for display. We apply the wooden sub-frame to the back of the board via 3M VHB Tape. It is always 2” smaller on all sides than your print. So, for example, if you order a 24×36 print, the frame will measure 20”x32” – It’s 1” thick, giving the print a classy floating appearance. Installation is super simple too. In fact, we have a great video on our website / YouTube Channel, showing you how to install the wall bracket.

  • So, how do select this option? It’s the last of (3) simple steps.
    1. First: Select your Print Media:
      • Photo Paper or Direct Print to Sintra, Dibond or Infinity Board
    2. Select the material
      • Most customers prefer ¼” acrylic
    3. Select “Museum Wall Mount”
      • This will add the Hidden Frame to your print.


That’s IT! Simply go to Check-out and with FedEx ground shipping, your masterpiece should be in your hands in as little as 7-10 days.

Why can’t I get a Museum Back when I order a “Plexiglas Direct Print”?

The answer is simple: We don’t want to GLUE anything to the ink! These prints are made by spraying UV-cured ink directly to the backside (facing the wall) of the clear acrylic. This gives the print depth and protects your image at the same time. But since we want this to look great for years to come, adding a frame to the back is risky as it could pull the ink off over time. That’s why we sell these with a 2” clear border all around your image and provide (4) stainless steel Stand-offs. You still get a 1” float – held off the wall by the hardware.