Printing on Dibond is Just One of Our Specialties

Here at ArtisanHD, we pride ourselves on our concierge approach to printing, especially printing on Dibond. Every job is special, no matter how big or small.  Our customer service team is often on the phone with existing or potential new customers to help guide them through the multitude of product selections, print and combination options.

Since we get to see such a large variety of images, both from amateurs and professionals around the country, even the world, we can often make very educated suggestions as to the TYPE of print media that will bring out the best in a specific image. Be it FujiFlex Crystal Archive mounted under Plexiglass for a stunning Hawaiian Sunset, or a bright and durable Direct Acrylic Print for the waiting room of a Hotel Lobby or Clinic – some images just “belong” on certain substrates.

Every now and then we manage to hit a home run, without even touching the file or making a single recommendation. It’s not that unusual, as we like to think we serve a pretty savvy and talented pool of customers. At ArtisanHD, we know we are not the “big box” volume or Insty-print destination for a stack of 8×10 photos, a flip-book, or poster. Our clients tend to want more pro-level, statement pieces like printing on Dibond. In fact, many of our clients proudly display their custom prints in Art Shows and Galleries around the country!

Photography & Interior Design, Together

And this is just how Allen Moore, owner of AIM Studios of Virginia, LLC,  approached his recent home remodel project. With a solid background in print, and a wife with serious interior design flair, he knew he wanted something special, like printing on Dibond.

Of course, it all starts with an amazing image. In his case, he wanted to use a photo taken on a recent vacation to Italy. When looking at the original shot (see below) you can see it’s a nice panoramic with classic charm. But Allen wanted something more than just a photo on the wall. He wanted to compliment the bedroom décor and infuse a classic sepia toned print that had a special “feel” to it.

This was A Perfect Match for Printing on Dibond!

Print Source for Printing on Dibond Direct Digital Print

Original Photograph, captured on vacation in Italy!

A Perfect Photograph Meets Printing on Dibond

The brushed metal surface complemented the interaction with ambient and staged lighting, creating a dramatic impact on this image. Sure, Allen added some very cool personal touches, like an aged border and a very purposeful, elegant crop. But if this was a canvas print, it would never achieve the interactive energy that a professional Dibond print would evoke.

For us, the best thing about this project was the fact that Allen and his wife were SO pleased.  So much so that it prompted him to reach out to us directly to thank us for the work we did and comment on the quality of the product he received. Not to brag, but this is not necessarily an isolated incident! If you check out the reviews & testimonies on our website, you will see many comments from our satisfied customers. All sent in without solicitation,  but simply because they LOVE what they received.

Artisan HD in Action Printing on Dibond - Sepia Print

Artisan HD in Action

ArtisanHD Client Testimonial Makes us Proud!

These reviews mean a lot to us.  It reaffirms our approach that EVERY print is unique! It’s somebody’s special moment, a point in time they wish to remember for many years to come, and we play an important part in the final journey.

But what better way to tell you about the experience of working with ArtisanHD, than by having Allen describe it himself:

I had never ordered a print online before – my first experience was with you. I took a chance, and I’m glad I did!

You recently printed a Dibond piece for me, about 12 inches by 47 inches…a landscape of Pisa, Italy I took last year.  While the original was color (I always shoot in RAW), my wife was redecorating a bedroom and “commissioned” me to produce a piece of art to work with her interior design scheme. I converted the image to a sepia-toned mezzotint and bumped the contrast up slightly for printing on ‘Dibond’ metal. My wife was ecstatic and frankly, so was I.

For the photo of the art installed in the bedroom, I was able to light the scene such that evenly-distributed tones fell across the artwork. After reviewing the image on the computer, I decided that such evenness didn’t look like a metal print at all. One of the beauties of printing on ‘Dibond’ metal is the ever-changing appearance as lighting and perspective are changed. So, I dropped back and punted – left well enough alone and used only ambient light in the room. The KISS Principle in action… 

I read with much interest the company brochure you attached to your message. After a 40+ year career in commercial printing (sheetfed and web), I left the industry just as digital printing was starting to be a factor – returning to my first love, photography. The processes and technologies you employ are very familiar, so a read-through brought back fond memories of a long association with printed communications. 

A bit about AIMStudios, LLC: 

We don’t try to be a one-stop shop for all your photographic needs. On the commercial side, we specialize in technical fashion illustration for linesheets and lookbooks. On the personal side, let’s add travelography and character portraiture to the mix. And on the educational side, I write about fashion photography for photographers. The full assortment of activities keeps me out of the bars and off the streets. 

The “travelography” image attached is the original photo from which you made our Dibond print. Thought you might be interested in comparing…

Photographer Meets Professional Print Partner

As you may have observed, he’s not an average consumer looking for a budget-friendly print – something you can pick up at most any Brick & Mortar Print Shop OR via the many online options. He had a vision, did his research, and by doing so, found a Print Partner that helped him create a true, One-of-a-Kind statement piece.

So, if you have an idea brewing for your next WOW Project and don’t think you can make that a reality without the help of an interior designer or to spend big bucks to purchase something from a gallery, think again! Our team of Print Experts is here to assist you with all of your photographic or fine art print ideas. Many of these products are available right on  Through our custom configurator ordering really is as easy as 1,2,3.

How You Can Get Started!

Upload your image, select the Print Media & Size, add it to the cart, and wait to be amazed.  You’ll get it in as little as 7-10 business days no less!

If you have a concept or design that you can’t quite seem to get out of the website via the self-checkout process, no worries! Simply upload the image to our Custom Order Portal and let one of our talented Print Professionals help you make your idea a reality!

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