Photographer Hits the Road…

… and photographs it with love and admiration.

Jim loves this road. He has been fascinated with its long and colorful history and has taken every opportunity to make images of the places it meanders through. And it meanders through the west from Canada to Mexico.

Jim is working on this amazing project on his own, and in the time that he can squeeze out of his busy commercial schedule, and has ways for you to become invloved. See this page on information on how you can be part of of the US Route 89 Project.

And to see some more of his work, view his portfolio.

US Route 89 Appreciation Society: “US Route 89 from Desert to Glacier: A Photographic Exploration of the Geography, History & Culture Along the West’s Most Western Highway

Photographer James Cowlin has begun work on a traveling exhibition and large-format book of photographs of the landscapes along US Route 89. A traveler’s field guide is also planned that will connect the geography and history of the West to places along the road. The project is scheduled for completion by the fall of 2009.”

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