I spent some quality time with my Mamiya RZ on vacation. Couple of rolls of Fujipan… nice quality time. About 23 minutes… but still – got some nice shots of the pier and such. I like shooting the Mamiya still, even though I have gone mostly digital. Here are some good links for medium format refreshers. (Oh, and if you ever wanted a Hassie… check EBay for some astounding prices…)

U-Medium: “While most pros understand the need for medium format in many situations, amateurs and newcomers to photography can find the subject confusing, and the array of choices available bewildering. Leaf shutters Vs. focal plane shutters, interchangeable backs, format differences, 120 Vs 220 film — all of these are unfamiliar to someone who just works in 35mm.

This tutorial is therefore devoted to explaining the jargon that’s unique to medium format, some of the major difference with 35mm, and takes a brief overview of the model choices available. At the end of this page there are links to camera reviews on this site and elsewhere as well as other pertinent web links for those that would like to explore this topic further.”

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