Stretching Canvas Prints – An Art, all in it’s own!

We’re often asked: Do you stretch the prints you make?

The answer is: Of course! We’d never source this critical part of the finishing process out to a 3rd party Vendor. We order each frame, custom made, from a local, Phoenix based manufacturer. Why is this important? Well, it’s easy to make a frame from basic 2” x 2” wooden stock, but we insist on having a true “canvas profile” on the frame, suspending the print so it floats over the frame and eliminates any “ghosting” of the bars.

Behind the Scenes: How ArtisanHD Goes About Stretching Canvas Prints

Stretching Canvas Prints explained!

Image Above is a Canvas Frame Profile

The “Profile” (see photo at left) also helps when we tension the fabric and staple it onto the frame. The smaller frames are stretched “as is” but with larger canvas prints, it is critical to add reinforcement struts / gussets so the frame won’t twist or warp under the tension of the fabric.

Our Latex-based inks will deliver an archival quality print that will last for years, but it’s only as good as the sub-frame it goes on.

The time-lapse video below is fun to watch, but in reality, it can take upwards of 30 minutes to do it right.

We hope you find these little clips valuable and it helps you understand just what goes into making a true, archival rated canvas print.

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