All of us mark the passage of time. Whether it is to count how many days until your birthday or plan a vacation we all rely on calendars. Why not make one of your own? It is a simple project all you need is some Photoshop or Illustrator time and some creativity.

Make 5 rows of 7 boxes each. You can customize it however you want. Add the days of the week at the top, or keep it flexible. Colorize each box, add a decorative border, lay down a picture as your background, make circles or fun shapes instead of boxes, and have fun with it. The best part is you can make it whatever size you need to fit your space. If you are a busy person with a lot of activities you can make large boxes to fit all of your appointments and special occasions to remember.

By adding a dry erase laminate to the print you can erase and reuse the calendar however you need to indefinitely. Plus it is unique to you and your personal taste and lifestyle.

For color scheme ideas check out Adobe Coloror another very cool site Colour Lovers.