Since there is no more football, you may decide to grab the digital camera and head up North to get some cool winter shots. Unless your digital camera is fully charged you could be left “out in the cold”.

What really is a drag is whether it’s your camcorder, cell phone or digital camera each of the batteries differ in shape and size and require their own dedicated charger. Well, the good folks at Lenmar have addressed this multiple charger dilemma with its PowerPort Clip universal charger.

The small charger uses adjustable contact points that can adapt itself to almost any battery. After the contacts have been set, users slide the battery under the clasp and plug the PowerPort Clip into any standard USB port using the built in, swiveling conector. And since it’s self contained there are no wires to untangle.

It is very simple to use and features technology that not only extends the stand time and durability of your batteries but since it uses less power than all other alternatives, you can be “Green” while doing so. To learn more about this outstanding product just check them out at

Sometimes I dig being out in nature alone, but this is one travel companion that’s coming along for the ride!