While many artists don’t know much about the printing process (that’s what you depend on us for!), this one is worth noting! Fine artists and photographers should be especially interested in Canon Colorado’s ability to print on watercolor paper and other soft materials – and here’s why.

Canon Colorado’s Effect on Photo Printing

Matte vs Gloss 1

Before we explain why you should print on watercolor paper, we need to tell you WHY it’s so much better.

ArtisanHD has recently installed a new Canon Colorado Gel-Ink printer. Part of the magic behind this new printer is the introduction of new ink and finishing technologies. There are two key reasons to print your artwork with this new printer (plus many more benefits).

#1 – The Canon UV gel ink provides a durable, scratch-resistant layer that needs no further protection for most applications. This ink is also more flexible, providing the ability to stretch without damage when prints need to be folded, creased, wrapped or stretched on a frame.

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#2 –  With the new FLX finish technology, you can print your images with a beautiful glossy finish or a luxurious matte finish. More importantly, for applications with a matte finish or when using porous media, a brief flash of UV light pins the UV gel droplets in place immediately after jetting, freezing the shape of every drop of ink. This results in a rough surface at the micro-level, providing the characteristic velvety-matte finish. For instance, with a glossy finish, the droplets get a little more time to settle into a smooth, even layer.

There are many more benefits to the Canon Colorado Gel Ink Printer, including:

  • Excellent color range and depth
  • Low-odor prints, important for indoor usage
  • No drying time so can get shipped to you faster
  • High printing speeds of over 1,700 feet per hour
  • Low temperature = low energy = low environmental impact
  • UV LED curing, enabling usage of heat-sensitive media.
  • Robust prints on a wide range of media

So now that you know all the enhanced capabilities at ArtisanHD – how does it help take your photos and turn them into mind-blowing watercolor prints? Read on!

Want An Instant Wow Factor? Print On Watercolor Paper

Watercolor prints have always been popular. Prints on watercolor paper add surface dimension and visual interest to images that consist mainly of bold, loose strokes instead of intricate details.

This type of paper appeals to artists and photographers because it offers a unique texture and thick, high-quality feel.

Now, the ability to print on watercolor paper with instant UV curing helps to produce this medium more quickly and with greater control. Combine this with the substantial color range and surface dimension, and stunning (yet affordable) photographic prints and art reproductions are within reach.

The ability to expand into other creative mediums is another reason to print on watercolor paper. A wide variety of photographic images can look good on this type of paper as the DPI / Resolution and vibrancy is truly stunning, rivaling true Photo-papers.

In fact, art reproductions are popular on watercolor paper. Some are scanned in originals, or art can be hand-drawn. Many sketches printed on watercolor paper originate from iPads and programs like ProCreate and CorelPaint.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Print On Watercolor Paper

  1. Add surface dimension and visual interest
  2. It offers a unique texture and thick, high-quality feel
  3. It offers substantial color range and surface dimension
  4. Resolution and vibrancy
  5. Create stunning, affordable art reproductions

The Winning Combination of Printer + Paper

Print on watercolor paperInkjet printers in the past have not done a good job on porous stocks or fabrics because the pigments soaked into the material and over-saturated the imagery. The Colorado has UV-cured gel that dries instantly on impact, thus staying true to its original imagery on a wider range of materials. Thus, materials like wallpaper can have great print quality on a soft, fabric-like material instead of just glossy vinyl.

Regular non-textured paper can be printed with the Canon Colorado as well. Photos and other prints reveal their true color depth and impact with smooth, mirror-like gloss or rich, velvety matte.

Print on Watercolor Paper. Shop the Selection

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We’ll talk more about the capabilities of this printer for our large format printing department soon.