direct to board sintra printTired of the same old pictures in frames? While some images look great in classic  or ornate frames, others beg for something different. Abstract artwork, cool black and whites images, and interesting shapes look instantly more polished and glamorous when printed on Direct to Sintra Board.

Basics and Benefits of Direct to Sintra Board

First off, wondering what Sintra actually is? Sintra is a plastic composite, like PVC poster board. It’s rigid and extremely durable, but also lightweight and flexible (when heated). These qualities make Sintra very functional for a ton of different projects, from creative custom wall art to business signage and craft projects. You’ve probably seen sintra in the grocery store, as well as an art gallery or museum.

Print direct to sintra board for dimension and interestAt ArtisanHD, we print your image direct to sintra board. The smooth semi-gloss surface of sintra, along with clean edges, makes it a great printing material. It also eliminates the added step and expense of printing on paper, then mounting to the board. Pair that with a museum mount hanging system, which makes the printed piece appear to seamlessly float on your wall, and you’ve created a polished, unique interior design element!

One of the best benefits of sintra, and what sets it apart from many other professional printing materials, is that it can be cut into shapes beyond your traditional square or rectangle pictures. Since ArtisanHD sintra varies in thickness (3mm or 6mm), you can layer different prints of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses to create dimensional wall art.

Next Level Interior Design

direct to board sintraUsing materials like Sintra, Dibond and HD metallic photo paper can elevate your interior design and wall space. The professional printing is both affordable and modern. You can quickly and easily showcase your artwork just like a gallery. And because Sintra is so durable, it can even be used outside in some locations and applications. Sintra offers a fantastic opportunity to dress up a space while displaying your favorite images.

Now is a great time to spice up your interior design look and try the Direct to Sintra board.


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