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25thOct 2023

Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab: Why Photo Printers are Making the Switch to Dry Lab

In this blog, you'll learn about: Evolution of Photographic Printing Techniques Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab Comparison Characteristics of a Wet Lab for Photography Characteristics of a Dry Lab for Photography Why Choose Dry Lab Over Wet Lab? Where to find Premier Dry Photo Lab Printing Services? Photographic Printing Techniques: [...]

29thSep 2023

Our Top 5 Favorite Most Expensive Photographs

Fine art photographs carry with them a kaleidoscope of price ranges from a little splurge to a jaw-dropping investment. While your home art budget may be more in the hundreds or thousands and not the millions, it's always fun to dream. These are our favorite most expensive photos ever sold and why we love them. [...]

23rdMar 2023

Why & How To Support Sustainable Photography Printing For Fine Art

Artisan HD’s long commitment to professional fine art printing includes using the best-in-class photographic printers to create stunning fine art images with vivid color and detail. For over a decade professional photographers, artists, and graphic designers have trusted our wet lab LightJet process to achieve the finest photo prints. From a quality of output [...]

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