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Professional quality high-definition printing is what we do at ArtisanHD. On this page you’ll find blogs with information about our fine art printing and commercial printing, including examples. Learn about our different substrates and how to choose the right material for your project. We offer tips and printing guides to help you produce the best possible print. You can also see stunning fine art photography from our ArtisanHD Brand Ambassadors and get tips for how you can improve your own photography skills.

4 Most Important Questions We Ask Corporate Art Buyers

Corporate art often carries the stigma of being uninspired, maybe chosen from a catalog, and probably duplicated in office buildings nationwide. However, it doesn't have to be that way! Whether you're a corporate art consultant looking for unique fine art prints for a client or an office manager tasked with refreshing your corporate offices, [...]

Fine Art Photo Printing Trends 2024: From Timeless to Trendsetting

The industry of fine art printing is as dynamic and ever-changing as the art it represents. Keeping pace with evolving photo printing trends and techniques is not just about staying relevant; it’s about capturing the spirit of the times and embracing the continual transformation that defines the art world. From the materials used to [...]

Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab: Why Photo Printers are Making the Switch to Dry Lab

In this blog, you'll learn about: Evolution of Photographic Printing Techniques Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab Comparison Characteristics of a Wet Lab for Photography Characteristics of a Dry Lab for Photography Why Choose Dry Lab Over Wet Lab? Where to find Premier Dry Photo Lab Printing Services? Photographic Printing Techniques: [...]

Why & How To Support Sustainable Photography Printing For Fine Art

Artisan HD’s long commitment to professional fine art printing includes using the best-in-class photographic printers to create stunning fine art images with vivid color and detail. For over a decade professional photographers, artists, and graphic designers have trusted our wet lab LightJet process to achieve the finest photo prints. From a quality of output [...]

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