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Transform your image into a stunning masterpiece when you print your photography or fine artwork directly to acrylic plexiglass. Acrylic glass prints give you a museum feel. Looking for Common Size Pricing? CLICK HERE!

  • 1/4″ rigid acrylic plexiglass, no paper required
  • Choose Standard or Full Bleed Finish
  • Easy hanging system available
  • UV cured ink stands up to outdoor conditions
  • Unmatched image detail and durability

Bring your masterpeice to life
in 3 easy steps

  1. Choose Print Type
  2. Upload your Image
  3. Choose Frame Option
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Amazing Depth. Stunning Results with Acrylic Photo Prints.

Direct print onto 1/4″ acrylic (plexiglass) to make your unique images instantly more dynamic as the rich colors interact beautifully with light.

This printing process does not require photo paper or additional mounting materials and is available with and without stainless steel stand-offs. ArtisanHD will print your photo or digital artwork directly to the acrylic plexiglass surface. Known for optimum ink adhesion, Direct to Acrylic prints deliver high-resolution images with rich detail and durability as a long-lasting print solution. UV cured ink stands up to the environment, which means acrylic glass prints are not affected by humidity and can be hung outside (place out of direct sunlight for the maximum duration).

“The quality of my photos are brought to another level with the direct-to-plexi print option. I can’t say enough for what ArtisanHD has done to bring the impact and professionalism I’ve always wanted to my work.”

Adam Figliola Phoenix Photographer & Happy ArtisanHD CustomerAdam F.

Recommended Acrylic Photographic Prints Mount Hanging System


Our Standard Salon Mount with a 2″ clear border and 1″ stainless steel standoffs is the hanging system we recommend for all of our acrylic art prints.

These modern and durable 1″ stainless steel mounting barrels are super easy to install! Your acrylic glass pictures (also known as plexiglass) will come with 4 holes pre-cut into the acrylic print surface. Each hole is slightly oversized for optimal hanging alignment, in case you’re hanging measurements happen to be off by just a touch.

By allowing light to fall behind your artwork display, our Standard Salon Mount hanging system provides your artwork with a professionally lit effect.

Custom Acrylic Frameless Mounting Options

Choose from a range of acrylic wall decorations or finishing options that fit your decor. You can select our Standard Mount with 1″ Stainless Steel Standoffs or if you prefer Full Bleed Direct to Acrylic prints without a clear border, we also have that option for your acrylic picture.

If you plan to add your own frame, be sure to pick “none” for your selected hanging option while checking out.

Standard Mount w/ Standoffs
Salon Mount with Standoffs
Standard Mount w/o Standoffs
salon mount acrylic print
Full Bleed w/ Standoffs
Stainless Steel Standoffs Fullbleed

PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to ensure that you are pleased with your print, from production to installation. Because of this, we are unable to offer either the Museum Mount or Float Mount hanging system with our direct to acrylic prints. As we’d be affixing these frames directly onto the printed ink layer on the back of your acrylic plexiglass print, which would be a possible ink adhesion failure point.

Custom Acrylic Prints In Almost Any Size

Whether your looking for a series of small glass prints (plexiglass / acrylic) that make up a larger panel or you want an extra-large acrylic picture to complete your room, ArtisanHD offers a wide array of sizes to choose from.

Most common acrylic art print sizes:

  • 12×18
  • 18×24
  • 20×30
  • 24×36
  • 30×40

Not sure what your Direct to Acrylic print will look like? Try a sample print today!

Order Print Samples!
Order Print Samples!

Have questions about our direct to acrylic plexiglass prints?

Check out our helpful Acrylic & Plexiglass FAQs, call us directly at 1 (877) 948-0009, or email us at


How To Order Customized Artwork With Preset Print Recipes2023-09-29T10:40:19-07:00

At Artisan HD we pride ourselves in giving you options. Virtually any medium, size, ink or other custom configuration is available to you on our site. The problem with so many options for printing your art is that it can be difficult to know where to start. Is canvas worth it? Will a metal print fit my idea? Is acrylic the way to go?

We know that having a lot of options can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Especially when deciphering how to best customize your own artwork so we’ve created Print Recipes to simplify the customization process.

Choose from one of our three professionally crafted preset recipes within the upload configurator or customize and save your own. Your go-to favorites will always remain stored under “Recipes” when logged into your account. Designed for a simpler ordering and checkout process!

print recipes customize artwork artisanhd

ArtisanHD’s Preset Recipes

emerging artist customize recipes

Entry-Level: “Emerging Artist”

ImageTech Photo Gloss, 1/8” Acrylic, Vinyl Encapsulation & Sintra Museum-Back

Let your inner artist shine by printing your photographs and artwork with impeccable high-sheen and rich colors. Your print will then be applied to the back of a 1/8” thick crystal clear plexiglass sheet, complete with an affordable lightweight protective vinyl barrier and Sintra museum-back for clean and easy hanging.

customize print recipes college grad artisanhd

Mid-Grade: “The College Grad”

Austin Jet Silver Paper, 1/4” Acrylic, Sintra Encapsulation & Black Sintra Museum-Back

Graduate your artwork to the next level by creating striking, three-dimensional pearlescent metallic photo prints with a deeper-than-glass effect. The ¼” thick layer of acrylic paired with lightweight 3mm Sintra provides your images with professional protection and exceptional clarity. The black Sintra museum-back will have black painted edges and is easy to hang.

customize print recipes pro artisanhd

High-End: “The PRO”

ImageTech Photo Gloss, 1/8” TruLife Acrylic, White Dibond Encapsulation & Black Aluminum Museum-Back

Create pro-level gallery-quality artwork with our top-selling HD photo paper and anti-reflective acrylic combo! Add depth, and give your photos a true-to-life appearance that other acrylic products simply cannot match. Protect your investment & ensure durability with our professional Dibond metal encapsulation finish. We supply this version with a black powder-coated aluminum museum-back frame and Z-clip for easy hanging.

Customize & Save Your Own Print Recipes

print recipes customize your own artisanhd

Do you have a favorite print combo that you’re constantly reaching for?

Austin Jet Silver Paper mounted to 1/4? plexiglass acrylic? Austin Jet Silver Paper and Trulife (non-glare) Acrylic? Or perhaps direct to Dibond brushed metal?

Whatever it may be, now you can customize your favorite go-to’s and save them for later.

Name your and save your own recipes! (example: “John’s Favorite Combo” or “My Gallery Prints”)

Best method to clean plexiglass acrylic2022-09-21T05:41:32-07:00

Trulife Acrylic prints and/or standard plexiglass acrylic prints are beautiful and durable art for the home, offices and even museums. Like any artwork, it needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it’s luster and quality.

So what are the best methods to clean plexiglass acrylic prints? Follow these three steps to get scratch-free clean artwork:

  1. Wipe down the plexiglass with a microfiber cloth. This removes any built-up dust or debris that may have accumulated.
  2. Spray plexiglass with plastic cleaner. Do not use harsh chemicals like ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners.
  3. Wipe off plexiglass with a microfiber cloth. Make sure the surface is wiped dry to prevent streaks.

Can I use a paper towel to clean my plexiglass print?

No. Paper towels vary in softness and absorption, they can leave scratches or streaks on your plexiglass. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean plexiglass.

Can I use eyeglass cleaner to clean my plexiglass print?

Yes. Any gentle monitor or glass cleaner will work just as well as a plexiglass plastic cleaner on your art. Never use harsh cleaners with ammonia or alcohol.

Plexiglass Encapsulation Layer Protection

encapsulate trulife acrylic print plexiglass acrylic

Want even more protection for your plexiglass acrylic prints? Consider adding an encapsulation layer during the printing process. It will offer both an additional layer of protection to your print PLUS opacity. Opacity is important when you choose a museum-back (hidden floating frame) since the back could create a darker (i.e. visible) line where the frame touches the print.

Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Opacity
  • Gallery-style look
  • Rigid, frameless finish

Protect your investment with the right cleaning products and an encapsulated print from ArtisanHD. Transform your artwork into long-lasting, museum-quality gallery prints.

Looking for more information? Check out the related FAQ: Do I need backing or an encapsulation layer on Trulife Acrylic?

Do I need backing or an encapsulation layer on Trulife Acrylic?2023-11-02T11:18:24-07:00

encapsulation layer on trulife acrylic image2 artisanhd“Sealing” a painting by adding a layer of acrylic is a common practice for canvas, metal and foam-board prints. The protective layer of acrylic prevents dust, UV light, and air contaminants from affecting the painting’s original luster – but is it necessary to add an encapsulation layer to your Trulife acrylic print? It’s already protected by acrylic, right?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a backing or encapsulation layer on an acrylic print. Quality acrylic prints will not suffer from ghosting (poor opacity levels) and are durable prints. However, adding an encapsulation layer on Trulife Acrylic prints or face-mounted acrylic prints is usually a good idea. Not only does it offer an additional layer of protection to your print, but it also adds opacity.

This becomes important when we are adding a museum-back (hidden floating frame) as it could create a darker line where the wooden frame touches the photo-print. Be it TruLife, standard 1/8” or 1/4” acrylic, encapsulation is a good call for any of these finishing options.

Adding An Encapsulation Layer On Trulife Acrylic Prints Add Maximum Protection

Protect your investment. Encapsulated prints at ArtisanHD will not only transform your artwork into gallery level works of art. The extra layer added will also offer complete protection for long-lasting, durable prints. So you can admire your prints with peace of mind.

encapsulation layer on trulife acrylic image artisanhd

Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Lower cost for larger art – For larger pieces of art, it becomes more cost-effective to use encapsulation and can be cheaper than a standard acrylic print in the cost per square foot.
  • Museum-quality look – High-end acrylic prints in galleries and museums will often have an additional encapsulation layer, providing more protection from the elements and a unique look.
  • Long-lasting durability – Acrylic prints are already durable, the encapsulation layer adds even more protection from the elements.
  • Rigid, frameless finish – Encapsulated acrylic prints come ready to hang and the extra resiliency allows you to not use a frame to protect the print.

Encapsulation Options:

  • Dibond® white aluminum
  • 3mm Sintra
  • Opaque white vinyl

Looking for more information? Check out the related FAQ: Is there a handy guide to help me choose from all the art installation hanging systems ArtisanHD currently offers?

How Do Acrylic Float Mounts Hang On The Wall?2023-11-03T12:26:30-07:00

Museum back float prints, also known as acrylic float mounts, are a popular way to display artwork because they give the appearance of the art print floating off the wall. Many people like the combination of the sleek, modern look of an acrylic print and the optical illusion of the print appearing to hover in place. We refer to it as “museum mount” because this style of hanging is preferred by art museums.

Acrylic Photo-mount, Plexiglass Design

Mounted Print “Floats”

Here’s how these prints are typically hung:

  1. Mounting the Print to Acrylic: Regardless if you choose to print directly on the acrylic or use a face-mounted photo paper, the first step is to choose and print the artwork of your choice.
  2. Hanging Hardware: Hanging hardware is attached to the back of the acrylic print to achieve the floating effect. Your acrylic prints can be delivered with this hardware already attached if you choose. This hardware is designed to be hidden from view when the print is hung.
  3. Wall Installation: On the wall where you plan to hang the print, you’ll need to install the corresponding part of the hanging hardware. This could involve mounting brackets, screws, or other components to the wall. The exact installation process can vary based on the type of hardware used and the weight of the acrylic panel.
  4. Hanging the Print: With the hardware in place on both the print and the wall, you can then carefully hang the acrylic float print. The hanging hardware on the print and the wall should interlock or fit together in a way that provides stability while maintaining the illusion of the print floating.

You also have the option to add another before the museum mounting. This is called Acrylic Print Encapsulation. If you are interested in this specialized plexiglass design and mounting option, please contact our Artisans directly at (877) 948-0009. We will gladly create a custom design and quote for you. No matter how your artwork is mounted and displayed on your walls, the plexiglass print will make your images truly shine and stand out!

Which Is Better? Canvas Or Acrylic Prints?2023-11-03T11:28:33-07:00

In terms of quality, when you upload your digital photos, you will get the same high quality reprints from custom plexiglass and canvas prints. Both are the result of a direct printing process using large format inject printers. However, the finished products look quite different from each other.

Our custom plexiglass / acrylic printing produces a sleek, shiny, modern glass reprint. With crisp, clean edges and sharp colors, acrylic prints look great in a home, office or gallery.

Our custom canvas prints are printed with UV-cured ink for long-lasting, vibrant colors. Canvas prints are more textured and traditional-looking than acrylic prints.

No matter which process you use, your personalized print will be a treasure forever.

Both canvas and acrylic prints are popular options for displaying your favorite custom artwork or photographs – but which one is better? They each have distinct characteristics, advantages, and looks so the “best” option will greatly depend on what you’re looking for as the person who will see the art regularly.

Canvas vs. Acrylic: Appearance


Canvas provides a classic and artistic look to any piece of art because of the unique texture of the medium. This is due to the fibers of cotton or cotton-polyester blends that are woven together to comprise a blank canvas. It should be noted that there is a noticeable difference between high-quality canvas and cheaper canvas prints because the quality of the woven fibers and printing techniques can vary greatly. That “canvas look” you want fades as the price points go down.


Acrylic prints, also known as plexiglass, is a transparent lightweight material that can have images printed directly onto it or HD photo paper prints mounted to them. Prints on acrylic have a sleek and modern appearance and typically come with a glossy finish (though there are some non-glare matte finishes available for acrylic prints as well). Acrylic prints feature bright colors and add dimension to the image.

Canvas vs. Acrylic: Print Durability


Canvas is mostly made of natural fibers and can be susceptible to moisture damage and damage from prolonged exposure to solar radiation. Canvas can withstand some wear and tear and all of these issues can be mitigated if it’s put in a protective frame so it can be just as durable as other print options.


Acrylic is shatter-resistant, moisture-resistant, and can also be resistant to UV radiation. This makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, locations where accidental impacts may be a concern, and in any lighting condition.

Canvas vs. Acrylic: Weight & Hanging


Because of the subframe, a canvas print will typically be heavier than an acrylic print. The subframe does provide an advantage as unlike acrylic prints, the subframe allows you to choose to either hang it on the wall as is or put it into a frame.


Acrylic prints are relatively lightweight as they don’t require a subframe and are made of light plexiglass. You can frame your acrylic print like you would any other print or choose unique-looking standoffs that affix your acrylic print to the wall with four mounts.

Canvas vs. Acrylic: Price


Canvas prints can be more affordable with the caveat that the cheaper canvas options aren’t really a good comparison to an acrylic print. Keep in mind that a quality canvas print can still be cheaper than an acrylic print but the price difference between them won’t be as stark as compared to budget-conscious canvas options.


Pricing for acrylic prints will vary based on the printing method, direct to substrate or HD photo paper mounted, and whether or not you choose to add encapsulation (an option to add a protective coating to the print). Depending on what you choose, an acrylic print will tend to be slightly more expensive than a canvas print.

Canvas vs. Acrylic: Image Quality


In terms of quality, when you upload your digital photos, you will get the same high-quality reprints from custom Acrylic and canvas prints. Our custom canvas prints are printed with UV-cured ink for long-lasting, vibrant colors. Canvas prints are more textured and traditional-looking than acrylic prints which will impact how the image looks.


While the image fidelity and quality are on par with canvas, acrylic prints look great with sharp colors and clean lighting. Perfect for photos or custom art, the acrylic printing process options (direct to substrate or HD photo paper) allow you to choose the type of print that you think looks best.

So, Which Is Better Canvas or Acrylic?

Choosing between acrylic prints and canvas prints depends on your preferences and the intended display environment. Acrylic prints offer a contemporary, vibrant look and enhanced durability, while canvas prints provide a traditional, artistic feel at a lower cost. Consider the style of the space, your budget, and the level of durability needed when making your decision.

What is direct-to-substrate printing?2023-11-03T12:03:39-07:00

Direct to Substrate PrintingDirect-to-substrate printing refers to printing an image directly on the surface rather than the image printed on HD photo paper, then mounted to the substrate. In the case of direct-to-acrylic prints, the substrate is Plexiglass. Substrate, in this instance, refers to the surface being printed on.

How Does Direct-To-Substrate Printing Work?

Direct-to-substrate printing for acrylic prints is a specialized printing process that involves directly applying ink onto the surface of an acrylic sheet. This method is used to produce museum-grade art prints and other applications where exceptional image clarity, color vibrancy, and longevity are paramount. The process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Select Acrylic Sheet: Inspect acrylic for any imperfections and correct sizing for the print.
  2. Printing Preparation: Make sure the digital file of the photo meets resolution and color requirements and make any necessary adjustments.
  3. Prep Inkjet Printing with UV Ink: Set up a specialized flatbed printer/UV printer equipped with advanced inkjet technology that can use UV curing ink.
  4. Print onto Acrylic: The printer applies the UV ink directly onto the acrylic surface, using precise and controlled droplet placement.
  5. Initial UV Light Exposure: The UV ink is exposed to UV light during or immediately after printing, causing it to cure and harden rapidly.
  6. Curing and Finishing: Once the printing is complete, the acrylic sheet with the freshly printed image is exposed to UV light again in a separate curing process.

This results in exceptional image quality, color vibrancy, and durability, making it a preferred choice for high-end art and photography displays.

Why Use Direct to Substrate Printing?

Substrate surfaces are so versatile and durable that they are used by professional artists, galleries, museums, framing shops, and specialized printers to enhance the artistry and uniqueness of a photo or fine art piece. Professional mounting finishes the artwork and makes it display as if it’s in a gallery.

Direct To Substrate Vs. Paper Mounted Prints – What’s The Difference?2023-08-11T11:54:03-07:00
ArtisanHD direct to print acrylic print landscape photography

ArtisanHD direct to print acrylic

We offer two types of acrylic prints: direct-to-print and paper mounted, also known as direct-to-substrate printing, and face-mounted photo paper acrylic. There are several key differences between direct-to-substrate acrylic prints and face-mounted acrylic prints. With vastly different printing methods, they each bring their own qualities for you to consider.

Printing Process

This is the most important difference between these acrylic print types. Unique printing machines, inks, and processing methods are used so while the end result will look largely the same, there will be some fundamental differences.

  • Direct-to-substrate – This involves printing the image directly onto the acrylic surface using specialized flatbed printers or UV printers that can turn the UV-sensitive ink comprising the image into an acrylic print.
  • Photo paper onto acrylic – First the image is printed on high-quality photo paper first and then adhered to the acrylic surface using adhesives or lamination. This process is similar to standard photo paper printing with the added step of attaching it to acrylic.

Image Quality

For most applications, both direct-to-substrate and face-mounted acrylic photos will work beautifully. However, because of the unique printing process, direct-to-substrate prints can have a higher fidelity to the original photograph. High-end art prints in museums or galleries will all typically use direct-to-substrate as their choice in acrylic.

  • Direct-to-substrate – Typically provides better image quality and sharpness since the ink is directly absorbed by the acrylic, resulting in vibrant colors and fine details that you won’t see on photo paper.
  • Photo paper onto acrylic – This can still produce good image quality, but there might be a slight loss of sharpness due to the additional layer of photo paper.

Durability & Longevity

Part of the allure of plexiglass is that acrylic is a very durable material with all sorts of practical applications in the real world. Scratch and break resistant, either type of acrylic provides a long-lasting option for art prints. But because photo paper may be subject to damage and therefore damage the print, they are seen as less durable than direct-to-substrate prints.

  • Direct-to-substrate – Has better durability and longevity as the printed image becomes an integral part of the acrylic surface while retaining scratch, moisture, and break resistance.
  • Photo paper onto acrylic – Durable, but the photo paper may be more susceptible to wear and tear over time so you may want to handle it with a little more care.

Thickness & Depth

Art or photos behind acrylic glass create a sense of depth that other art mediums can’t match. You can get acrylic prints with varying levels of thickness to enhance or downplay the feeling of depth while looking at a picture, however, direct-to-substrate printing will provide a greater sense of depth because the image is printed on the acrylic.

  • Direct-to-substrate – Maintains the original thickness and depth of the acrylic sheet, giving a three-dimensional appearance to the image as if it’s within a layer of plexiglass.
  • Photo paper onto acrylic – Acrylic adds an extra layer between the image and the acrylic, which may reduce the sense of depth and slightly increase the thickness of the print.


Because of the printing process and added benefits, direct-to-substrate printing will generally be more expensive than printing on photo paper and then mounting it on acrylic. The cost difference is nominal and many consider it to be worth the extra money to get a museum-quality acrylic print.

  • Direct-to-substrate – With different printing equipment needed, specialized inks, and a state-of-the-art dye-sublimation process, direct-to-substrate can cost more per square foot to make up for the added expenses.
  • Photo paper onto acrylic – The process of printing on photo paper in modern dry lab photo printing studios is much cheaper than direct-to-substrate and the added cost of affixing it to acrylic is minimal.

Should You Choose Direct-To-Substrate or Face-Mounted Photo Paper?

Choosing between direct-to-substrate acrylic prints and photo paper-mounted acrylic prints depends on three main factors, the look of the print, the durability, and the cost. Direct-to-substrate prints excel in image quality, delivering vibrant colors and fine details, making them ideal for high-end art displays. They offer superior durability, seamlessly integrating the image with the acrylic surface for enhanced resistance to wear and tear. However, this quality comes at a higher cost.

Comparatively, photo paper-mounted acrylic prints provide a more budget-friendly option while maintaining satisfactory image quality and durability. Though they may have a slightly reduced sense of depth and require a touch more care, they offer a compelling compromise between cost and visual appeal.

The decision ultimately hinges on your specific priorities: opting for direct-to-substrate when pursuing top-tier quality and long-term investment, and selecting photo paper-mounted prints for a more economical choice that still delivers on aesthetics and endurance.

How can I ensure long-lasting HD photo prints?2023-09-22T11:21:56-07:00

Photo prints can last a long time if you take care of them properly. There are several simple ways to store and display HD photo prints so they don’t fade and last for decades; avoid overly humid environments, keep out of constant direct sunlight, and handle them as little as possible. One of the most popular ways to increase the durability of a photo is to mount it to a piece of acrylic, thereby avoiding many of the common reasons photos lose fidelity.

When you want to display an HD photo print there are several other factors and ways to increase longevity. Let’s dig into what makes photos fade or deteriorate and how you can ensure a long-lasting print.

What Causes Photos To Fade & Deteriorate?

There are six causes of photos fading or deteriorating in some way. Older photos that use different chemicals or are framed using less advanced adhesives are particularly susceptible to these causes. With the HD photo paper printing technology and chemicals of today, new photo prints are often more adept at handling these environmental factors.

  1. Light Exposure: Over an extended period of time, light interacts with the dyes and pigments in the photo paper so long-term exposure to light, particularly ultraviolet (UV) light, can cause fading and discoloration of photos.
  2. Air Pollution: Airborne pollutants can react with the chemicals in photos, causing fading, yellowing, and deterioration. Acidic pollutants in particular accelerate the breakdown of photo materials.
  3. Temperature and Humidity Fluctuations: Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can lead to the expansion and contraction of photo materials, causing warping, cracking, and other forms of physical damage.
  4. Humidity and Mold: Exposure to high humidity levels or moisture can cause photos to stick to glass or other surfaces, leading to irreparable damage. Moisture can also promote the growth of mold and mildew.
  5. Chemical Reactions: Chemical reactions between photo materials, adhesives, and other substances can lead to changes in color, fading, and deterioration. Acidic or low-quality materials used in framing and storage can contribute to these reactions.
  6. Handling and Touch: Oils, dirt, and contaminants from hands and fingers can transfer to the photo surface during handling, leading to stains and deterioration over time.

How Do I Frame & Display My HD Photo Paper Print To Make Them Last?

Framing your HD photo paper print is a great way to protect it from the environment. Here are the 5 things to look for in framing your photo print so it lasts.

  1. UV-Filtering Glass: High-quality UV-filtering glass or acrylic blocks harmful UV rays from reaching the photo.
  2. Acrylic Face Mounting: In this process, a photo is adhered to a sheet of acrylic using a special adhesive, creating a sleek and modern look while providing protection against moisture and UV rays.
  3. Museum-Grade Framing: Museums, galleries, and quality printers often use framing techniques and materials designed for long-term preservation. These include acid-free matting, pH-neutral adhesives, and archival backing boards to prevent acid migration and deterioration.
  4. Sealed Frames: Some advanced frames incorporate a sealed environment or controlled atmosphere, which can help regulate humidity levels and prevent moisture-related damage.
  5. Climate-Controlled Cabinets: For a more comprehensive solution, climate-controlled cabinets or display cases can be used to protect photos from fluctuating humidity and temperature levels.
Protect your hd photo prints

What Should I Do To Avoid Photo Prints Fading Or Discolouring?

If you want to create a standard photo paper print that lasts for decades, follow these four tips so you can display and enjoy your print while keeping it around for as long as possible.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight: To prevent fading, do not place your photos in direct sunlight. You might even want to move your photos from place to place within a room or house to ensure that no one print receives too much sunlight.
  2. Keep In A Stable Environment: Outside or in rooms that are not climate controlled (temperature and humidity), have poor air quality, or are dusty are bad choices for photos.
  3. Use Modern Printing Techniques: If you’re getting a new photo paper print, be sure to use a printer with the most up-to-date dry-lab printing technology available, these printers will produce the highest quality and longest-lasting prints.
  4. Consider Acrylic Face Mounting: When you mount a photo to acrylic you’re protecting the photo from the elements behind layers of plexiglass and increase the longevity immensely.
How do you mount photos on acrylic?2023-09-01T10:55:29-07:00

Mounting photos on plexiglass/acrylic is an art form in itself. We use face mounting – a labor-intensive method that requires the tools of an experienced professional to do it perfectly. This method is often used in art galleries and museums around the world.

What are “acrylic prints”? 2023-11-03T12:05:56-07:00

Plexiglass is a type of highly durable transparent acrylic plastic that can be formed and used in various applications. It is often used in place of glass and has unique properties that make it a better-suited option in many instances.

Plexiglas? Plexiglass? Acryclic? Acrylic Glass? What’s the difference?

The differences between these terms are largely semantic: Plexiglas is a trademarked term for a type of acrylic glass, plexiglass (with two ‘s’) is a generic term for acrylic glass, at the same time, acrylic is just short for acrylic glass.

What is commonly known as “Plexiglass”, is really a brand of acrylic and today it is sold under many different names, including Acrylite, Lucite, and Perspex. In most applications “plexiglass” or “acrylic” can be used interchangeably as they are both referring to a strong clear plastic.

What Types Of Acrylic Prints Are There?

There are two main ways of getting an image onto a piece of acrylic: direct-to-substrate printing and affixing an HD photo paper. So should you print directly onto the acrylic or use a photo-paper first?

Direct To Substrate Vs. Photo Paper On Acrylic

The fundamental difference between these two methods of acrylic art printing is that one prints directly onto the acrylic (direct to substrate) while the other places a photo paper on top of the acrylic. This results in a few key differences in the three most important qualities of an acrylic print:

  • Image Quality – While both methods produce quality prints, direct-to-substrate printing is considered sharper. For certain types of photos, this makes direct-to-substrate more viable.
  • Durability and Longevity – Generally, acrylic is a very durable printing medium so all acrylic prints will benefit from the inherent qualities of a strong acrylic. Direct-to-substrate printing has better longevity than photo paper because the image is fused to the acrylic surface.
  • Cost – Because the direct-to-substrate printing process allows for slightly better image quality and durability, it will cost slightly more than a photo paper affixed to acrylic.

Which Type Of Acrylic Print Is Best For What?

Direct-to-substrate printing on acrylic offers superior image quality, durability, and a three-dimensional appearance but comes at a higher cost. On the other hand, printing on photo paper and mounting it on acrylic can be a more budget-friendly option, but it may lack some of the advantages of direct printing on acrylic. The choice between the two methods depends on your needs, budget, and the intended use of the final product.

When considering application and use cases, direct-to-substrate printing on acrylic is the preferred choice for signs, displays, artwork, and decorative pieces that demand high-quality and durable prints. It excels in producing long-lasting, vibrant images integrated into the acrylic surface. On the other hand, if cost is a significant factor, printing on photo paper and then mounting it on acrylic is a suitable option, particularly for temporary displays or presentations. While it may offer a more budget-friendly approach, it may not provide the same level of durability and longevity as direct printing on acrylic.

What Acrylic Prints Does Artisan HD Offer?

Artisan HD offers both direct-to-acrylic prints as well as two types of acrylic face-mounted prints.

  • Direct To Acrylic Prints – The most durable, elegant, and visually stunning acrylic prints available.
  • Acrylic Face Mounted Prints – Using HD photo paper, a cost-effective alternative to direct-to-substrate printing
  • TruLife Acrylic Face Mounted Prints – Using the specialty HD Photo Paper, TruLife acrylic prints provides you acrylic prints that are anti-reflective

But Why Use Plexiglass For Art And Photo Prints?

A stylish and eye-catching alternative to canvas prints, acrylic glass prints provide superior results for high-definition custom prints. In many ways and for several applications, prints on acrylic glass are a better choice than canvas. Advantages of plexi over canvas include:

  • More durable than paper and canvas
  • Unique look for art and photos
  • Different mounting/framing options

Want to know more about why to choose plexiglass aka acrylic; check out this blog post: What is the difference between a photo print mounted to acrylic vs. a direct digital print on acrylic?

ArtisanHD plexi or direct to acrylic print landscape photography

How To Hang An Acrylic Print: Steps & Hardware2023-08-25T10:29:13-07:00

The art mounting hardware you selected during your configuration process will be shipped with your print, ready to hang. So the acrylic hanging kit and hardware will arrive when your artwork is ready. You just need to pick out a wonderful display wall and grab a screwdriver or drill. Wondering which mount is right for your print? Check out this related FAQ and our guide.

Follow along with this video as our ArtisanHD print experts provide easy instructions and tips for how to hang your professional standoff prints – We’ve even included a few extra pro tips to make your print hanging process extra smooth! All art mounting hardware is included with your print.

In less than two minutes you’ll learn everything you need to know about hanging a museum-mounted print, no matter the size or material! The step-by-step video guide is easy to follow with key visuals to help you along the way. We even share a few pro tips for mounting in drywall and fixing a slightly unlevel hang (it’s easier than you may think). Hanging your museum-mounted print is a snap – in no time at all your custom artwork will be “floating” on your walls!

How To Hang A Print With Standoff Mounts

Our ArtisanHD print expert artisans take great care with your artwork and we want your standoff mounts to look stunning and professional on your walls. You’ll learn everything you need to know about hanging standoff prints with this helpful step-by-step, easy-to-follow video with key visuals to guide you along the way.

Step 1: Position Your Print

Hold the print up against the wall and use a level to make sure it’s perfectly straight and in the spot you want.

Step 2: Mark The Wall

With a pencil or marker, trace the insides of the holes on the four corners of the print.

Step 3: Drill Holes For Hardware

If you’re drilling into drywall, be sure to use an anchor, otherwise drill the appropriately sized hole where you marked the wall.

Step 4: Drill Standoffs Into The Wall

Insert the screw through the standoff’s front and screw it into the wall.

Step 5: Hang Your Acrylic Print

Align the holes in the acrylic with the standoff mounts coming out of the wall and screw in the standoff covers.

What is face mounting photos to acrylic? Why choose it?2023-08-11T11:55:31-07:00

Face mounting photos to acrylic, also called second surface mounting, is a superior method for ensuring longevity and for giving a professional finished look to acrylic prints where the face of the photo paper is adhered to the back of a piece of acrylic.

Acrylic Face Mount Print in Dining Room - Face Mounting Photos to Acyrlic

Acrylic Face Mount Print 

How Does Face Mounting Art To Acrylic Work?

Although it is a delicate process and requires time and a great deal of professional experience, we feel face mounting a photo to acrylic gives the final product an almost three-dimensional, museum-quality result that is difficult to surpass. The glass also protects the photo from fading, dust, and scratches.

With face mounting, we apply a special silicone glue archival crystal clear film adhesive to the print and then mount the front of the acrylic photo to it. The bond between the UV-resistant glass and the photo is airtight. Because of the airtight bond, there is no light reflection between the glass and the photo. It adds depth and makes the photo look like it is part of the acrylic. When paired with our Austin Jet silver or ImageTech Photo Gloss photo paper, face mounting photos to acrylic creates a look that has to be seen to be believed. This ensures that the vivid colors achieved by the acrylic printing process are not compromised.

We then attach a museum back to the print. The backing creates a 1″ space between the picture and the wall, which makes it appear as if it is floating away from the wall, giving an additional dimension to the photo.

What Are The Advantages Of Face-Mounted Acrylic Prints?

Face-mounted acrylic prints offer several distinct advantages that make them a popular choice for displaying photographs and artworks:

  1. Enhanced Visual Impact: The acrylic sheet placed over the image intensifies colors, enhances contrast, and adds a sense of depth, creating a visually stunning and captivating display that can draw viewers in.
  2. Vibrant Colors and Sharpness: The glossy surface of the acrylic enhances the color saturation and sharpness of the image, making it appear more vibrant and lifelike.
  3. Durability and Protection: The acrylic layer acts as a protective barrier, guarding the image from dust, moisture, and UV rays. This significantly increases the print’s longevity, preserving its quality over time.
  4. Professional Appearance: The sleek and modern appearance of face-mounted acrylic prints adds a touch of sophistication to any space. The frameless design gives the impression that the image is floating on the wall.
  5. Depth and Dimension: The space between the image and the wall, created by the acrylic layer, adds a sense of depth and dimension. This can make the image feel more immersive and dynamic.
  6. Easy Cleaning: The smooth acrylic surface is easy to clean and maintain, requiring simple dusting or wiping with a soft cloth.
  7. Customizable Size and Thickness: Face-mounted acrylic prints come in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing for customization to fit specific aesthetic preferences and display requirements.
  8. Lightweight: Acrylic is relatively lightweight, making it easier to handle and hang compared to traditional glass options.
  9. Easy Installation: Many face-mounted acrylic prints come with pre-installed hanging systems or other mounting solutions, simplifying the installation process.

Overall, the advantages of face-mounted acrylic prints encompass a combination of superior image quality, protection, aesthetics, and the ability to create a memorable and impactful display that can elevate the visual appeal of any space.

Why custom printing on acrylic?2023-11-17T10:46:18-07:00

When printing a museum-quality art print you have three basic choices in the medium:

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • Canvas

It’s important to note that the choice of medium ultimately depends on the artist’s or collector’s preferences and the specific requirements of the artwork or display location.

The most important and commonly considered art print qualities in selecting the right medium include:

  • Durability – Consider where it will be hung, the expected longevity, and other environmental factors.
  • Color vibrancy – Some mediums make the colors pop more than others so bright and diverse colors may be more appropriate for some mediums and not others.
  • Image sharpness – Depending on how important the high-definition of an image is will help you choose the right medium.
  • Customizability – For those looking for unique shapes or looks, traditional art prints won’t be a good option.

Advantages Of Acrylic Over Other Mediums

So, knowing some of the medium factors to consider, let’s compare how acrylic stacks up against the other mediums.

Canvas vs. Acrylic Prints

There is no question that if you want a traditional-looking art print, canvas is the obvious choice. Throughout history, canvas has been a popular choice for painters and artists. However, modern acrylic prints offer a few key advantages over canvas:

  • More durable than canvas over time
  • Easier to clean (wipe it down)
  • Better colors and sharpness of prints
  • More lightweight

If these qualities are important to you, you should choose acrylic over canvas.

Metal vs. Acrylic Prints

Metal and acrylic prints share many qualities such as being more durable than canvas, the ability to print either directly onto the substrate or onto photo paper mounted onto the substrate, and being easy to clean. That said, there are some differences between them that may give the edge to acrylic depending on what you’re looking for:

  • Added depth and dimension of prints
  • Easier to cut out for customized shapes
  • More lightweight

In many ways, metal is comparable to acrylic prints though there are some key differences that you should consider when choosing between the two.

Why Artists Prefer Acrylic For Art & Photo Prints

Digital printing on acrylic is a great alternative to printing on regular photographic paper or other mediums. Acrylic printing has a lustrous glossy finish, which not only adds to the contemporary look, but also brings out a depth and clarity to your photos that are incomparable.

Direct to Acrylic Prints, Printing on AcrylicSpecially treated, this professional process ensures that your photos will last a lifetime. The mounting process we use also protects your photos from humidity and sunlight, (although you should be careful not to expose them to direct sunlight or high humidity conditions).

Professional printing on acrylic lends a very contemporary look to the final product. It brings the fine art of photography to a whole new level of modern art. We frequently recommend acrylic mounted photos for displaying modern works of fine art and photography.

Can a customer get anything printed? Are there any restrictions the image printed?2024-03-27T11:13:21-07:00

At ArtisanHD, we take pride in creating high-quality prints for our customers regardless of the content printed. However, we do have some restrictions on the content of images we reproduce. While it is exceedingly rare, we reserve the right to decline any print job for the following reasons:

  • Legality: We cannot print anything that violates copyright laws or depicts illegal activity.
  • Sensitivity: We avoid reproducing images that are overly sexual (no pornography), violent (no explicit gore), or exploitative towards children (no questionable images).
  • Respecting Artistic Expression: We understand that art can sometimes push boundaries.

If you have an image you’d like printed that might fall into a gray area, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss it. We’ll work with you to find a solution that respects both your artistic vision and our printing policies.

Our goal is to provide a comfortable and inclusive environment for all our employees and customers, sometimes this means passing on a print job. We appreciate your understanding. For more information on our policies please visit our policy and terms.

What if my print is damaged during shipping?2024-03-27T11:13:30-07:00

Contact us ASAP and keep the box for the carrier’s claim. We’ll replace your print and keep you updated. Report defects or damage by email within 10 days of delivery to avoid waiving your claim. By accepting the print, you acknowledge ArtisanHD fulfilled all requirements.

Can I cancel my order?2024-03-27T11:13:38-07:00

Artisan HD begins work on your print the moment you submit your order so if you cancel withing 24hrs we can refund your money right away.

What’s Artisan HD’s return policy?2024-03-27T11:13:46-07:00

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your prints contact us within 10 days of receiving your order to return the item. We understand that getting the perfect print is important so our team works with you to either send you a reprint up to your standards or simply provide a refund. Though rare, there are instances in which refunds are not available:

  • Low image resolution: Always use the highest resolution image possible and understand resizing a small file won’t improve the quality.
  • User errors: Spelling, grammar or adding adhesives/hardware not designed for the print.
  • Exact monitor match: Color variations will always exist between a monitor and a print, while we can do exact color matching, that requires a custom order.

Note: Artisan HD does pre-print quality checks on all prints and will contact you to address these issues before printing. For more information on our return policy, please read our policy and terms. We always strive to go above and beyond to meet your expectations – just ask our customers!

Can I see a print proof before I order?2024-03-27T11:13:53-07:00

For most print orders, we do not provide print proofs. However, if you need to see color proofs before you purchase, please email us for custom order pricing and instructions.

How long does standard art print delivery take?2024-03-27T11:14:02-07:00

At ArtisanHD, we prioritize delivering high-quality prints to you as quickly as possible. Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days, this allows for added quality control on each print, secure packaging, and shipping to your door. Turnaround times may vary slightly depending on the chosen substrate, we’ll keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with the fastest delivery while maintaining the quality possible. If you’re in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, you can pick your print up from our office in North Scottsdale at 8970 E Bahia Dr #104, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

How fast can I get my art prints?2024-03-27T11:00:16-07:00

Artisan HD offers expedited shipping options Priority Overnight and 2-Day delivery if you need your prints right away. For large rush orders or corporate art prints, please contact us directly to discuss logistics and the timing of delivery.

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    The professionalism I've always wanted for my work

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    Unmatched Quality

    Charles S.

    I’ve printed with a number of different sites and the quality of ArtisanHD is unmatched. The museum mount is fantastic and adds such a professional look to the images. When it comes to printing on Plexi/Acrylic there is no better place.

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    Color are Vibrant and Pop-out

    Oren K.

    I was very pleased with my plexiglass print. The colors really did pop-out and were vibrant. Plan to use Artisan again.

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  12. Starla J.

    Top Notch - Will Return Again & Again

    Starla J.

    I made a mistake in the image I ordered. It was totally my fault. I called and spoke to an individual who worked with me to get a picture I was happy with and then gave me a discount. Not only was I incredibly pleased with the personal help i received, the quality of the image, packaging and mounting hardware was top notch. I will be doing business with this company again and again.

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    Special Treat to be More Than Happy With All Aspects

    Stefanie J.

    I ordered 3(40×60) metallic prints on 1/4″ plexi glass. The quality of color, contrast, detail, etc. is perfect. Customer service is friendly and professional. Work was completed and delivered on time. To be more than happy with all aspects of service is a special treat!

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    Print quality was amazing and spot on. The acrylic really made the image pop.

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    Amazing Acrylic Print

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    The quality of my acrylic prints is amazing. I am thrilled to have found your site and will absolutely be ordering again.

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    Acrylic Gives New Perspective to Photography

    Monte J.

    My direct to plexi print came today. I am pleased with the results. Color is good. care went into the product when printing it. For those who have doubt try Artisan. Their service is as good as their prints. The acrylic print gives a new perspective to photography. When looking for different way to express your art give them a try. Monte

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ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Lee D.Lee D., The Art of Lee Davis
I recently sold one of my Digital Art pieces and the team at ArtisanHD have the complete package really sorted out! They are a friendly, client orientated and totally professional team who happen to produce spectacular prints as well! Thanks guys for keeping everyone very happy!
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Fantastic staff, fantastic facilities, second to none product quality output. I feel like you're my secret weapon.
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It's rare I find a company today where the customer service, quality and pricing meet most every need I'm looking for. It's even rarer to find those companies where the staff are not only willing to meet those expectations, but surpass them. In a very stressful situation I created for myself, the staff at Artisan went out of their way to help me find a answer to my predicament. Their team worked with me to find a fast solution pulling me out of a situation I knew very few companies would go out of their way to solve. It's those actions I use to choose who I will send my next job. The service was awesome! The quality was awesome! Their staff was Awesome!
Raegan S.
Artisan Colour is the most creative, talented and friendly place to print and mind meld.  I have been satisfied with every experience I have had with them.  Front end to delivery topnotch.  So glad I was directed to them.
Adrienne M.
Simply the best. Great client services, great people, and great products.
ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dan M.Dan M.
When I inadvertently shipped a limited edition print to a customer before signing it, Artisan was quick to have it rerouted back to their facility to resolve my issue. When I then showed up during the holiday season –– right before New Year's Eve –– I was met by no less than the company's president, Doug Bondon, who was genuinely happy to assist me and get my order on its way in a matter of minutes. Folks, this is what topnotch, white glove service really looks like. Outstanding!
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